Chef's Noodles, The Block SM North EDSA


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Koryan post again.

We were planning our bonding for next Tuesday then suddenly we were like,
"Let's go. Now na."

And we found ourselves enjoying Korean Cuisine in this newly-opened Korean Restuarant at SM North.

They have this thing on their tables for the ease of calling the waiters. But  they were very attentive so we just had to press this once to ask for our bill.
The waiters were very friendly and courteous greeting Annyeonghaseyo as we entered. Anyaresayo too. hahaha
Contact Number
Healthy. Delicious. Good to Share

I think another word that can describe this restaurant is affordable.
The prices are reasonable especially because Korean cuisine is, most of the times, expensive.

If you like Korean dramas too, then play Guess that O.S.T with your friends whom you're dining with.
They have Korean songs playing in the background the entire time.
You may choose between Lemon and Strawberry for your iced tea.
Beef Bibimbap with Iced Tea
P 99.00
That's really affordable for an authentic and delicious serving of bibimbap if you ask me.
This was filling but I think that it should have more meat.

And there was no kimchi. :( 

There's a container of gochujang or chili paste in the table so you'll be the one to adjust the spiciness of your order. My spiciness/hotness threshold goes up when I'm eating Korean food.   
Spicy Pork Dupbap with rice and drinks
P 130.00
I wasn't able to taste this though.
P 99.00
Mandu means dumplings while Kok (Gug) means noodles

The dumplings in this soup reminded me of Kuchai dumplings that we had in Binondo last March.
It's not bad to learn something new everyday.
This is Tempura in Japanese and it's called Twigim (튀김 = fry) in Korean.

Leek Shrimp Twigim with rice
P 130.00 (?) not sure
This reads O-SO-U-SIP-SI-YO and it means Welcome in the formal (Korean) politeness level.
Excuse the poorly-placed watermark.
They have what they call Donglyo Meals which are good for sharing.
A bundle (?) would cost you at least or at most P 100.00/person when you order one of those.
This is supposed to be our appetizer but it turned out that it was our "ender".
Starking Fire Sushi
P 160.00

They torch the sushi in front of you.
Yez, may presentation muna. hehehe.
Not your usual sushi and is available in beef, tuna and chicken.
We ordered too much food for three persons because we didn't expect the servings to be that huge since most are pegged as "budget meals". No complains here though.

My favorite line after trying out a new restaurant, "Filled our tummies but didn't empty our wallets!" is really applicable in Chef's Noodles.

We're definitely going back to try the other selections out. 
My eyes are on Bulgogi Kimbap and Chef's Noodle. 

Don't forget to try this out when you're in the area. 많이 먹어! 
잘 가!

On another note, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Visayas this morning and my heart breaks hearing everything that got destroyed especially the lives that were lost.

The Baclayon Church (here) that I've been wanting to revisit was one of the damaged infrastructures. :((

Huhu. Daming natural calamities these days ha.

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