TBS Blue Corner Turo Turo at Paseo de Sta. Rosa


Went back to Paseo de Sta. Rosa in Laguna and ate here at TBS Blue Corner.

I don't know if it's because we're out-of-town that the feeling's different (Hello naman sa'yo, Crisologo Turo Turo) or it's just not your typical Turo Turo place, or I guess it's because Paseo's leaning on the high-end or sossy spectrum that's why their Turo Turo is too. Hahaha. Or it's just me. :)))

It's better to walk around Paseo when you're ready for shopping or at least have some budget allocated for anything discounted that you'd find there.
There are a lot of outlet stores in the place so if you like buying branded things, you might want to check Paseo out. There are some stores that offer up to 70% discount.
We parked on this side of Paseo
The parking space in the middle of Paseo and Sta. Rosa Wet Market.

Their wet market's really clean and didn't even smell like one. Just like Market! Market's! only theirs sell meat too aside from flowers and fruits.
When you arrive at the back of the wet market, there are two turo turo's available.
I kind of feel sorry to say this but since the other carinderia didn't have that much customers and TBS had most of their tables full, where are you going to eat?

But okay, these two made me stay!!

Kinilaw na Tanigue and Lechon Kawali.

Complimentary Bulalo Soup for starter.
Fried just right so the meat's still soft and chewable.
The skin's crispy and didn't have that much fat.

Lechon Kawali
P 150.00/order
Wasn't able to taste this but they told me it's good.

Sinigang sa Miso na Maya-Maya
P 150.00/order
Bet na bet!!

Whoever said this is just for "pulutan" hasn't paired this with rice yet.
Or maybe it's just me and my love for anything with vinegar.

Parati na lang it's just me.  hahaha

Kilawin Na Tanigue
P 150.00/order
I didn't like this that much because it was too oily. 'Yun lang. Bow

Sizzling Sisig
P 120.00

Rice: P 12.00/order
Although it looks like this, it feels that you're dining in a restaurant too since the waitresses they have there are even more attentive than other restaurants I've been at.

If you're going up Tagaytay and are looking for someplace to eat or stop-over at, do check this place for some affordable and delicious Filipino food.

Try their other sizzling offers, ang bango pag may dumadaan sa likod namin eh.

Commuting Directions to Paseo de Sta. Rosa: Enchanted Kingdom is in Sta. Rosa, Laguna too, right? (Mai-link lang e noh? Haha!)

So from Starmall in EDSA, ride an FX to Balibago (last year the fare was P 70.00 with 40-50 minutes travel time sans traffic), then from Balibago you may ride a tricycle that would take you to Paseo. 

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