Caffe Bene, SMX Convention Center

Re-tasting the Bene Difference.

Eastwood Branch:

First link: here.
Second link: here.

For those who are not aware, Caffe Bene is originally from South Korea. 

Unlike their Eastwood branch wherein they have a two storey cafe, they have a smaller branch here in SMX. More like Caffe Bene corner in this Convention Center.

I was looking forward for their choco banana bread only to find out that they don't serve those kind of breads in this branch. But it's okay since I have frappes and gelatos to choose from. And? I chose gelato.
Here are the flavors:

Green tea, chocolate, blueberry, lemon, strawberry,vanilla, yogurt, espresso and cream cheese. I don't think I missed any.
Just like your regular gelato store, you can ask for a free taste to help you choose.
I was torn between yogurt and blueberry since it's given that I'd have matcha/ green tea as the other flavor.

One flavor: P 95.00
Two flavors: P 155.00
Ended up ordering green tea and blueberry flavors.
While my friend settled for yogurt and green tea.

As for the green tea, it's not that bitter. The creaminess and the matcha taste was just right leaving no or not much bitter aftertaste.

The blueberry and yogurt tasted like your typical blueberry and yogurt. hahaha. Ang galing galing ko talaga mag-describe.

As for my order, blueberry and matcha worked so well paired together. Infairness.

Goodbye for now. Still have to watch My Love From Another Star's last episode. Surely another post-drama depression. Grabe this. 

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