Floring's BBQ and Grill, BGC

The first time I tried eating there was in 2012 (that's the year when I started going to BGC anyway. Sana ma-miss mo ko BGC, noh? Sobrang minsan na nga lang ako mapunta dun these days, hindi mo pa ata ako nami-miss. Haha. Munshongerks po.) and I didn't like the food at all which explains the lack of blog post. I don't even remember what was the exact dish I had but it was chicken and my friends had sisig, batchoy etc. and we all agreed on one thing as we left the restaurant, "No second time here."

Then recently a friend was like, "I know a restaurant in the area that offers unlimited rice." Grabe, gutom siya. Hindi niya sinabi 'yun dahil malakas ako mag-rice!! HAHAHAHA. 

As I saw Floring's facade my first reaction was, "Tara, Jollibee or KFC or Mcdo na lang."

You know, that feeling when you know you're about to waste your money again.

But the friend insisted so I gave in and gave Floring's a second chance.

Garlic Kangkong
P 80.00 (?)

It was my friend who told me to try this out and so I did.

Bacon-Liempo Kawali

In all fairness, I loved their version of lechon kawali.
The skin was crispy and they managed to retain the tenderness of the meat. Sa nipis kasi ng slice, mas may possibility na maging matigas 'yan pag pinirito. I also liked that the layer of fat was thin (ANORAW!?) And, the sauce also went well with the meat.

Have they improved or we just ordered the right dishes this time, I don't know. All I know is that if you order both of these dishes, you'll enjoy dining there too.

Floring's is more expensive than fast food but it's definitely cheaper than other food establishments in the area and given that they serve unlimited rice adds to reasons why it's worth trying (Or re-trying) out.

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