Tony Moly Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack

I got this sample sachet of Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack a few months ago.
I never believed those commercials, especially with whitening lotions, that promise immediate results. How is that even possible? Like applying the product and you're instantly a tone fairer. But this product proved me wrong.

I can understand a little Korean so I can translate this roughly for you.

After washing your face, pat it dry.
Apply this pack
Massage for 1-2 minutes
Leave it on for another 5-10 minutes

Shems. Na-nosebleed ako dun ah. Haha


 I really need that push when it comes to reviewing cosmetic products since I have to post my pictures.

진짜 예쁘지? 그지?


The consistency of the pack is like a glue so spreading and massaging it on your face can be quite challenging.
Challenging talaga. 

The first picture was taken indoor and that is my real skin color. Hindi naman talaga ko maputi eh. This picture is taken also indoor but there's sunlight so I think that's the reason why I look a lot fairer in this picture. My mistake was not taking a picture after I rinsed the product off. Oh wells papels.

What I liked about this is the immediate brightness and lightness it gave (Parang nage-edit lang ng picture, contrast brightness ganyan haha). Not only that since it also made my skin smoother, clearer and detoxified. Ayyy pwede na ba mag beauty blogger? hahahaha.

With other face packs (though I don't use any on a regular basis) you'll have to wait for a certain period of time or use it for a certain number of times before actually seeing results but with this? Instant results. Though not permanent, at least you're assured of results di ba?
Even fairer skin in this picture I took near the window.
Notice that my pimple scars aren't visible too and it has also managed to minimize my pores.

The whitening effect only lasted for two days but since it can be used every after 2-3 days, okay lang. 

Did this work?

This is priced P 548.00 according to Tonly Moly Philippines' website.

Btw, here's a discription I also got from their site:
Massage cream & pack with instant brightening effects, Hydration & protection to maintain a healthy skin, Whitening & detox, Anti-oxidants prevent aging.
Oh em, prevents aging. Let's give this to Cheon Seong Yi of 
별에서 온 그대 then. She needs this too! hahaha. Anyway, I'll miss Do Min Joon Ssi. I'll watch "My Love From Another Star" last episode after I update this blog with two more posts. I cry.

Contains: Tomato extract / Lemon extract / Kiwi extract/ White tea extract / Pearl Powder
Recommended for: Skin that doesn’t go well with makeup, People who don’t have time for a pack at night
Directions: Apply sufficient amount, avoiding the eyes and lips, massage for 1~2 min, and wait for 5~10 min. After that, wash off with lukewarm water.

Isn't there any tomatox magic white whole body massage pack? I think, more than my face, it's my whole body that needs immediate whitening e. Hahaha. My face is already a few tones lighter than the rest of my body. Kamusta naman 'yun!!! 

If you're into whitening or brightening  masks, this is worth checking out. Lalo na maraming Filipina na may pangarap pumuti, di ba? hehe.

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