Stackers Burger Cafe, Eastwood

 For this meal, hindi ko lang alam kung sino may problema. HAHAHA.

Jack Burger
P 248.00
With fries and drinks

It was in their description that Stackers burgers all have quarter pound patty and by looking at the picture of their burgers, what should I expect? I was expecting something bigger than what was served to us. That's it. I
 really can't say if our P 248.00 each was justified there. Okay, I guess not. Nahiya lang ako sabihin. Eee, sabi kasi craploads eh. Asa naman kami, 'di ba.

If we "dissect" the burger, I'd only like its bun and as a whole, it's okay. Nothing is special kind of okay so it's not that bad either. Pero masarap talaga 'yung bun ah.

P 185.00 (ala carte burger) + P 60.00 for fries and iced tea can already feed two persons have we settled with a fastfood joint. But okay, for the experience... ginusto 'yan eh. Gutom lang naman kasi talaga... :)))

Wait, pang high-end kasi ata dito eh. hahahaha
Okay okay okay.

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