Brickfire, SM North EDSA Annex

Combo Soup and Iced Tea

Mango Crab Salad
Good for 2-4, I think.
Here's my order
Cowgirl Annie
220 grams
P 199.00

I don't remember what was our instructions on how we wanted this to be done but it's definitely not well done. Was it medium well? I don't know. All I know is that even if the taste and size is okay for its price, the meat or the tenderness was kind of a disappointment. 

I love meats surrounding the bone. I've always thought that those areas usually have juicier and more tender meats.

The part that is left in this picture of my t-bone steak is my favorite but then since this was so hard to chew and slice, I just left it this way. Tskstk.
Don't forget to try their mashed potatoes. :)

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