Japanese Treats: Meiji Kyo-matcha Chocolate/ Monaka

Meiji Factory tour is one of the items on my bucket list. Someday, Meiji!! If they have a plant tour, I want to go and explore there even once in this lifetime, twice in another lifetime and on the third, I'd like to own my own chocolate factory. HAHAHAHA. Joke!! I don't even know if Meiji still hold a factory tour but if they do; Fairygod mother, push natin 'to please. 

If chocolate and food is considered a subcategory of tourism... Life, let me experience the chocolate and food tourism of Japan.

Monaka is a Japanese sweet wherein a filling is sandwiched between two thin wafers.  Based on the name, this Matcha chocolate is inside a wafer.  I really find it weird and funny every time I explain obvious things.

Let's go to the filling: this Matcha is the most potent Matcha I've ever tasted. A lot of people would definitely find it too bitter but for me, it's just the way I like it. I love the bitter aftertaste which slowly fades away.

Creamier Matcha in Pocky Midi Matcha Sticks link: here.

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