Travel Tour Expo '14: My Kind of Valentine's Day(te)

Today, February 14, 2014, is the opening of the 21st Travel Expo.
I went there to window shop and snatch some freebies. Huhubells. 
Hindi naman masama magtingin ng iba't ibang vacation spots eh, malay natin! 

It would have been a lot better if we have the money to book us some domestic and international trips but then, we were left with no choice but to get some fliers of different tours and hope that someday we'd be able to go to all of those places too. :))
Malaysia Booth
Apparently, 2014 is "Visit Malaysia" year.
And.. and that's the same backdrop they used last year.

We got a free brochure and Malaysia guidebook here since we have a scheduled flight to Kuala Lumpur in May. 

My "Someday Petronas Towers" line last year will be happening this year and I'm more than grateful. No problems please.

I don't want to put this here yet but do you have suggestions regarding affordable accommodations, free attractions etc. in Malaysia and Singapore? We're currently in the process of choosing attractions for our itinerary. 

Please, please help a first timer. :))

Travel Tour Expo 2013 link: here.
Of course, explore Philippines booth was there.
I also got myself a map of Sagada, Banaue and Baguio just in case.

Ours is divided into tables with different regions in each.
A temple in Thailand.
Spring Blossoms in Korea

And until now, Korea is still in the list of my dream destinations. 
Did you know that Jeju Island in South Korea doesn't require a tourist visa? Yes, Jeju Island is visa-free even if South Korea requires it.

OMG Teddy Bear Museum and Olle Gil/ Trail. Huhuhu. Someday. Huhuhu

I really want you, Inside Cabin! $ 1,510, where are you?

Sponsor me! Any takers? Hahaha.

 한국어로 진짜 가고 싶습니다.


Anyway, above is, "Experiece Jeju Island, Korea in a Spring Cruise on April 13-19."


꼭 갈거야!!
I may have explored different places in Earth today through the pictures and some miniature version of their landmarks in different booths...
Still, no place can beat our homeland.

Batanes, you're also in my list!
Love the "Bakasyon mo, May meaning" of Bangon Tours.

Help rebuild calamity-stricken areas in the country by availing these tours offered by Bangon Tours.
네, 언젠가.

Someday, Myeongdong.
Most booths have packages such as cruises and pilgrimages worldwide, different airlines are also there selling discounted tickets. I think most of the tour packages being sold are offered at a lower price.

And this has been it, my travel tour expo window shopping. Sana next year, shopping na talaga.

Travelling is a very expensive thing to do. Imagine saving up more than 100k only to spend everything on what? Less than 7 days of Europe trip. But I really, really, really believe that the money is not an issue here. If I can save that much for a trip, I wouldn't mind spending everything especially if the place is worth it.  Keywords: IF I CAN. But you know what? I feel that I can, of course I can. hahahaha. Someday, world. For the meantime, claim lang ng claim ulit.

Don't have the budget to join a European cruise? It's okay. Our country is very beautiful with so many places that are waiting to be explored.

Support local tourism. :) Maganda na, mas mura pa.

Go to this year's Travel Tour Expo and see these things for yourself.

February 14- 16, 2014 with an entrance fee of P 50.00 per person at SMX Convention Center.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."

Ilang pages kaya ang sa'kin, fairy god mother? :)))

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