And my birthday was like...

"bumagyo at patuloy na babagyo ng blessings kasi mabait kang bata."

Bumagyo talaga. Sinabihan rin ako na maraming blessings kasi umulan sa araw ng aking kapanganakan (Ulan na nga, may kasama pang sobrang lakas na hangin.) Uhm, pampalubag-loob siguro pero naniniwala nga ako na maraming blessings. Sino ba naman aayaw? 'Yung tungkol sa dahil mabait akong bata.., ako lang nagsabi nun. Hahahaha. Baka sa kakaulit ko e magkatotoo naman balang-araw at bumait nga ako. 

1. It was my birthday last July 15 and I really didn't want to celebrate it because a typhoon (Glenda) was set to enter the Philippines but they insisted so they did, wala na kong nagawa. Stubbornness runs in the blood, that's it. It wasn't a big party just an eat and run kind of celebration 'cause the moment my guests, whom some I didn't know pa, have finished eating; they were sent away. hahahahahaha. Totoo baaaaaaaaa. :))))) San ka nakakita ng, "Tapos ka na ba kumain? Okay. Ingat. Bye." Anyway, I'm very thankful that there are people in my life who would force me to celebrate something even when I don't feel like to. 

2. According to Yahoo, July is Friendship month and because of that they published an article with 10 suggestions about where you and your BFF can bond together. Hahahahaha. This is so funny 'cause I posted Seri Fantasy World back in 2012 and whenever I see the pictures I took inside their 3D museum, it's always a laugh of embarrassment followed by a face palm. As in ang lala. Wala pa sa kalingkingan ng iba kong mga pictures 'yung naka-post dito. HAHAHAHAHA. But whatever, okay naman 'yung napili. View the article here.

3.  My sleeping "skills" is both a blessing and a curse. But it's us who determine which is really which, right? So it's none other than a blessing. Glenda "devastated" Metro Manila area with its strong and raging winds and where was I? In deep slumber. I only realized how big the damage was when I woke up and saw broken branches and fallen leaves in front of our house,  when we drove around Q.C area and saw years old trees that have fallen too and when I watched the news. Imagine, 'yung hangin na pumutol sa maraming puno, bumasag sa maraming salamin at kung anu-ano pa, hindi ako nakayanang gisingin?! Thank you, Lord that I am able to feel calm even if others can not. Sobrang talent 'yung kakayanan kong maging tulog-mantika lalo na dahil may ibang tao na may mabagsak lang ng konti e gising na. E-enjoyin ko 'tong bahagi ng buhay ko na hindi na ata ako masyadong dumadaan sa stages 1-3 ng sleeping cycle, lagi lang ata ako nasa 4th stage. P.S. Nagigising naman ako lalo pag sinasabi ko sa sarili ko bago ko matulog na "Kailangan mong magising kasi..." pag mga ganyan, nare-recognize ng utak ko 'yung alarm. Hahahaha. Pero pag wala kong iisipin bago ko matulog, ayun lang. 

4. I had 5 cakes, di ko na-picturan 'yung isa. Daig pa nung nag-debut ako. hahaha. 

Five cakes, supposedly mean, needing to blow 5 candles, right? And 5 candles should entitle me 5 wishes, right? Right? Not? Right? Right?

May nabasa ko before na pag naging vocal tayo sa mga gusto natin, mas may chance na magkatotoo. Kasi sa pagsabi mo pa lang, nagiging substance na siya, nagwo-work na 'yung universe para mapatotohanan 'yung bagay na gusto mo.  All my life (almost all), I thought that wishing for something more meant that I was ungrateful for everything that has been given to me so wishing, for me then, was a bad thing. Until I realized that it's not bad to want more for myself, it's not bad to have dreams, and even if wishing meant wanting more than I already have, it's not being ungrateful. At ayan na nga, nawili, at nag claim lang ng claim. :))))

a. Good health not only for me but for everyone else.
b. Just like what others have been wishing for me, more travels. Akalain mo nga naman na nung sinabihan ako dati na malayo mararating ko, hahaha, sa lakwatsa pala 'yun.
c.. Sony Digital Camera. My Xperia ZR captures good photos and I rarely bring my canon camera with me anymore but still, I want to own a Sony TX30 someday.
d. More persons to "teach". So unlike me ba to look for people whom I can teach? Hahahaha. I have no plans of becoming a teacher... yet. Whether it's through a blog post, through texts when people ask me for directions, or whatever it is. I am also my happiest when I share what I know with others and whenever I learn something new from them as well.
e. This is not actually a wish that I had since forever, nabuo lang 'to last night pero John Legend concert ticket plsss. I heard he's having an "All of Me Tour" here in the Philippines in September. Ayan, going back to my teenage years (parang kailan lang naman 'yun!), I spent most of my Friday and Saturday nights at bars or gigs. Nakakamiss din makipag-kwentuhan habang may kumakanta sa background, nakaka-miss din magsayaw na parang wala ng bukas ,pero alam mo 'yun, mas gusto na pumunta ng pera ko sa pagkain, savings at lakwatsa kesa sa inuman. Wahahaha. Baka talaga inom ako ng inom dati, noh. At baka talaga nakaka-ipon ako ngayon, noh  :)))

My gifts to myself are: massage at TonTon in Congressional Avenue (our go-to massage place because we like it Thai) and a Jansport backpack (Cortlandt Fall 2014). I "invested" on a backpack because I am claiming that I will have more travels in the future. Since it was the Great Northern Sale last weekend, apart from the 10% discount, I received a P 100.00 gift certificate and probably the best thing about this purchase is that I'd pay for this in September pa. August, be good to my finances. 

Things got luckier that I almost had two "Just Got Lucky" LMH shirts. Na-cancel lang 'yung isa bago ma-process 'yung order so I received a wallet instead. 

In the midst of our own personal problems, of Glenda, and the terrorist attack of Malaysian Plane MH17, there are a lot of things to feel sad and depressed about but that one fact that we are still alive is in itself a gift and a miracle that is definitely something to be thankful for. 

Hoping everyone's well and safe.
God bless.

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