SM Mall of Asia and SM Megamall's Ice Skating Rink

Winter fun all-year-round. 

Our country is blessed with only two seasons and that's probably the reason why a lot of Filipinos dream of experiencing snow, white Christmas etc. at least once. I, myself, dream of experiencing snow someday and what is snow without skiing, ice skating , snowman-making ganyan di ba? So in preparation for that, I am trying to learn ice skating prior to my trip. (Baka may plano, noh? hahaha) Opening ko lang 'yan, medyo wala talaga siyang connect sa mga susunod na mailalagay dito. :))

I went ice skating twice last May. One with my girl friends in Mall of Asia and the other in Megamall with my sister and my cousin's son. 

The "planning" stage went like this: Since it was so hot then, we wanted to go to somewhere cold. Knowing us, it was very unlikely that we settle with just heading to the coldest mall we could think of and spend the entire day eating and watching movies. Since 2011, it became our tradition to do something unique everytime our BFF group goes out. Andyan na 'yung Pasig Ferry Cruise, Intramuros field trip, swimming and gym day, jogging kuno sa Venice Piazza (Of all places, diba? Sa Venice Piazza pa at tanghaling tapat. HAHAHA) etc.

As we were searching online for the things that we can do na hindi kailangan mainitan at gumastos ng bongga, I stumbled upon SM Ice Skating's post last May 1, 2014... 

That's me and my other group of friends in the picture. They used this without my/our consent and even removed the watermark I placed at the bottom. Picture link: here. I wasn't mad or anything but I shared the post in my facebook page saying how "talikodgenic" we were that SM even used our picture without permission.

When my BFF girl friends saw the post, they got interested in trying out ice skating too so we did.
When we were still looking at the skaters, we were considering backing out.

"I think it would be best for us to just watch a movie or go bowling..." But our adventurous side insisted and said, "Whatever. Let's buy tickets now."
It was my second time but the kuya still had to redo my laces. Wow, prinsesa lang.

We looked like struggling skaters and the little girl whom I found really cute before we entered the rink approached us and our conversation kind of went this way:

Girl: Ate, you don't know how to skate? Why you don't know how to skate?
Me: 'Cause it's our first time. Can you teach us some techniques so we'd learn fast?

She taught us some moves and skated away as we stood there trying to apply what we've learned but still struggling. Hahaha.

She went back and told us, "Ate, kanina you don't know but now you know na?" The way that girl speaks reminds me of someone. Hehehehe. May chance ata ang future child/ren ko to talk that way. I also hope that my junakis will be as confident as her. 4 years old lang siguro 'yung batang 'yun. #assumera #bakamagingnanay hahahaha. 
Kunyari ang galing galing ko mag skate picture.

 My third was in the ice skating rink of SM Megamall's newest building. 
I like Megamall's ice skating shoes better.
After an hour of circling the rink, we went out to eat at Kyochon Philippines link: here and rested a bit at Megamall's Prestige lounge link: here.
I still don't watch movies at an SM Cinema but I make it a point to enter a prestige lounge to ask for a glass of iced tea and also because restrooms inside the lounge are better than other SM restrooms.

Kami ng E-plus, patigasan lang kahit wala naman silang pakialam hahaha. Sobrang na-turn off lang ako sa SM Tickets at E-Plus kaya MEH pa rin kahit halos isang taon na ang nakalipas. Alam kong pino-promote nila ang tap to pay ngayon pero kung e-plus ang card na re-reloadan, okay na ko gumamit ng cash kahit sobrang mas convenient pa nun.
Someday, Mt. Pinatubo!! <3
Went back to the rink to skate some more before going home.
Compared to my first and second, I became more relaxed and more confident the third time. Hindi pa rin ako nadudulas pero mas magaling na 'ko. At sa mas magaling na ibig sabihin ko... kasi kaya ko na ngayon na hindi humawak lagi sa gilid. 'Yun lang. Bow. 
Lockers in Megamall are pricier. For one time open lang kasi so everytime you need to get something inside/open the door, tapos na 'yung rent mo. You'd have to pay P 40.00 for another usage. Lockers nila ay parang mga lockers sa KL Sentral link: here. Sa MOA kasi, baggage counter lang kaya kahit lumabas ka pero may receipt ka, 'yung isang bayad lang e okay na. Pero whatevs, these lockers are safer in their own way. 

WEEKDAYS: P 300.00

All day ice skating and inclusive of shoe rental. 

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