Boracay de Cavite (Katungkulan Beach Resort), Ternate, Cavite

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"SAAN MAY MALAPIT AT MAGANDANG BEACH?" ALAM NA. Consider this place if you're planning to go on a quick getaway near Manila. Summer never ends ang gawin niyong motto. hehe.

This is the first time that I've gone to beach in Cavite area but I kid you not, this is one of the most beautiful beaches that I've been to. The water may not be as blue and the sand may not be as white as Ilocos' Blue Lagoon beach link: here and not as quiet as Batangas' Tali Beach link: here. Katungkulan Beach has its own allure that you'll love it just the way it is. All your perfect imperfections ganyan.

Most people call it Boracay de Cavite. I call it Angas Beach de Cavite. 

WHY? Read on.

I haven't been to Boracay but even if I have no memories from that place, I've seen enough pictures for me to get surprised that this cove in Ternate is also known as Boracay de Cavite. I found that out when it was one of the location name suggestions when I geotagged my Instagram post.

I guess they chose to call it that way so its name will catch the attention of those who are unfamiliar or for others to immediately picture the place somehow but hey, I think it will be more catchy, if not scary, to call the place "Maangas Beach". Alam mo naman, ganitong klaseng ideas lang talaga maaasahan mong galing sa akin. hahahahaha. I think that they should market the place as a beach inside Gregorio Lim Marine Base and not just a cove that is a “copycat” of the famous Boracay Island. Aside from the implication that it is relatively safer inside (kaw ba naman nasa loob ng kampo!), it’s interesting to know that there's a possibilty of being able to watch the marines while undergoing training. "It's better to sweat in training than bleed in war!" I don’t know about you but more than the beach, what made me more excited is knowing that the place is inside the base camp. Really.

"Boracay de Cavite? Ahhh baka maganda. Boracay eh..."

"Huh? May beach sa loob ng kampo ng Marines? Ayos ah. Pwede ba pumasok civilians doon?..."

Diba, mas nakaka-curious kase! Lahat ng beach may dagat at buhangin pero hindi lahat may men in uniform na nagt-trainin. :))))))) Toinks. Hahahahaha.

 Since this one's a cove too, the landscape is much like Anawangin Cove in Zambales link: here.

First afternoon's weather was gloomy but this is my ideal swimming weather because my skin's already too dark to swim under the intense heat of the sun again.  
Ang emoterang palaka.. :))

'Yung cottage dun sa bandang dulo, di ko alam kung for rent 'yon sa mga civilians o ano pero may mga tao rin na dun naka-stay. 
The best part of that trip was the night swimming. There are little to no number of fishes near the shore, no marine plants/seaweeds and no big rocks also so even if it was not that lighted during the night, it still felt safe to swim. 
 The waves were high though not high and strong enough to drown you. Manong Controller, from Corregidor Island across the cove, always listened as to how "challenging" we wanted the waves to be. When you get there and you're not liking the waves just shout. Ex.: "Hanggang dyan na lang ba 'yan, Manong? Wala na bang ilalakas 'yan?" Tas magugulat ka na lang na biglang lalakas 'yung waves, wag masyado at baka makainom ka ng 1 litrong tubig sa 1 hampas lang ng alon. (Mga ka-weirduhan e, noh? Pero try mo! Nakikinig talaga 'yung dagat. Hahahaha) 

The sand, also, was the best body scrubber that I woke up with super clean toenails and super soft skin.
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Medyo glamping.

This is another first time for me and another definitely not the last ... may Mt. Pulag pa.
There's that very desirable feeling of calmness and relaxation when you get to sleep in a tent while listening to the sound of the waves. Iba talaga pag nature na ang taga-kanta ng lullaby mo. Joke. Nahirapan akong matulog pero nung nakatulog na ko, nahirapan na ko gumising. Hahahahaha!
Cavite Waves
Good morning, Katungkulan Beach!
Parang beach ng Dagupan sa Lingayen Golf link: here. Walang pahinga sa paghampas ang alon ditez.  Pero mas malinis naman 'to compared dun at mas maputi naman ng konti 'yung sand.
Photo ops chuchu
Second day was hot so we opted not to swim anymore.

I heard this place gets packed on holy weeks. Glad that there were only few people who were there with us.
Panoramic picture of Boracay de Cavite.
You can see Corregidor Island and Mt. Mariveles across.

When we were on the plane back to Manila, I saw that Corregidor island really looks like a sperm cell. I learned that when I went there several years ago but I only proved that it's legit this year. 
And if you were wondering how the huts look like, tadaah. :))

Since this beach is inside a marine base camp, you're only allowed to take pictures at designated areas. There are also not a lot of facilities, only a volleyball net, grills and two stores. I think this place is the place to be when you're on a tight budget. Wala kasing temptations na bumili ng kung ano ano o mag-water activities kaya siguradong di ka mapapagastos ng malaki.

But who needs other things to do when you can spend your entire day swimming?

P.S. Even if I said at the beginning of this post that this should be called Maangas Beach, there wasn't the slightest feel of "kaangasan" from the military/soldiers in area.

Summit overlooking Corregidor Island
Since we passed by Pico de Loro's jump off point, I scanned through our climb pictures because I wanted to confirm if this beach is one of the many coves that is seen from Mt. Palay-Palay's summit and it is. Had I recognized Corregidor Island immediately before, I would have looked at this view in a different way. I would have appreciated this from the summit more. Nakatingin lang kasi ako nun mostly sa monolith ehh kaya nakatalikod ako dito. :))

If you believe that you're adventurous and healthy enough, you can climb Pico de Loro in the morning and head to beach in the afternoon. Oh Ternate, you give me nothing but good memories. Pico de Loro Climb blogpost link: here.

You don't need connections from the Philippine Marines to enter. There's a checkpoint when you pass through the main gate but this beach is open to public.

DAY - P 100.00/person
OVERNIGHT - P 200.00/person
BEACHFRONT COTTAGE ('yung may magandang babae na nakaupo sa mesa sa taas) - P 350.00

0916-7336307/ 0905-4613766

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