Mashitta Korean and Japanese Fusion Cuisine

This is one of the most affordable and most delicious Korean and Japanese restaurant in Quezon City area, I swear. Most of their food were priced below P 150.00 and that's cheap given how expensive these two cuisines can get. Thank you for being true to your word mashitta!

Mashitta means delicious in Korean fyi. :)

It's 맛 있다 in Hangul, romanized as mashitda or mashitta

The hangul word, 맛,  means taste and 있다 means to have so it means to have taste/ to be delicious. Should the food be tasteless and not delicious, 맛 will be combined with 다 which means to not have/to not exist. Therefore... 맛 없다, romanized as madopda or madopta, is the antonym of  맛 있다. Okay, enough for Korean language lessons. :))

Since my friend and I were so hungry after doing physical work for the last six hours before we went here, I thought that I'd be able to eat every food in the world so I kind of "over ordered"
P 105.00

One of the best! They didn't scrimp on the ingredients and this alone was enough to make me feel full. This was even better than some resturants (even those priced at 100% more). We were also given a bottle of gochujang so we were able to adjust the spiciness based on our preference.

Their bibimbap is much like BGC's Seoul Express link: here. 
I forgot the name of this but it's a more sossy version of California Maki
P 115.00

Even if I was so hungry when I ordered my food, I found it difficult to eat the last four pieces of my sushi because I got so full!

Mashitta is more of like an eatery (in UP Diliman's Shopping Center) rather than a restaurant but it's definitely a place that you'll look forward to coming back at. I forgot to take a picture of their menu but there are also  kimbap, ramen, ramyun etc.

They have two other branches. One in DLSU Area, the other in Sampaloc, Manila area. :)

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