Yummy Eats 2014

Last July 12, my friend and I went to this year's Yummy Eats. One of our most anticipated events! Need I say more?! Food galore! 

It was held at Metrowalk's Metrotent in Pasig. The tent is fronting Metrocars and obviously, Pasig is in Metro Manila.

Metro Init. Metro Kain. Metro Jubese
Congrats, Yummy Eats for a very very successful event. We had a hard time lining up when we went there because even if there were more than 70 concessionaires and the location was bigger than before, the attendees were so many. As in, divisoria levels nung umaga. But got through it with patience and hunger.
Providing us with this kind of container was a great idea since it has become easier for us to take home the food we couldn't eat anymore.
Someone's always a happy kid when she has food in her hands.
Just this one thing.
I think the organizers should have provided seats at least because even if this is a food tasting event na medyo cocktail party ang feel, it was hard to eat while standing. Kanya- kanyang strategy kung paano mai-increase ang comfort level habang kumakain. My friend and I sat on the floor. Sayang nga hindi ko nadala 'yung sarong ko para picnic na picnic na 'to. Hahaha.

We only spent around 2 1/2 hours here which wasn't enough so we took home most of the food we got but some of my favorites are: I lost my Yummy eats passport but...

1. Pesto Spread. I forgot who/where was it from. (green spread on the cracker; first picture)
2. Hot Chocolate from Xocolat
3. Masatami's Salted Caramel
4. The Hang Over Ice Cream of Kool Kids
5. Merry Moo's Avocado Gelato

A food fair like no other.
 Expect us again, Yummy Eats 2015!

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