Korean Movie: Miracle in Cell No. 7

7번방의 선물

This is not a review. I only want to post something about it because my gherd, 
I never thought that I'd cry all throughout the movie. I needed to let those tears out so the timing's just right if not a little late. You might say that I am overrating this film but this was really successful in moving me. My head is thumping, my nose is red and my eyes are swollen from too much crying. 

I have a lot of Facebook friends who are also Korean enthusiasts so it's not surprising that I get to see Kpop, Kdrama, Kcuisine and Kmovie suggestions in my newsfeed. But then these past few weeks, even those whom I've never expected to, shared links of this movie entitled, "Miracle in Cell No. 7". I saw one who said that he hates the writer for making him cry. That was obviously a compliment because that meant that the writer was able to pull the correct strings that this became not only a heartwarming but also a heart-wrenching movie (whichever should come first). I've finished the movie 3 hours ago and I still feel like bawling. 

Sometimes, I forget to be thankful or to appreciate life more especially when everything is normal and nothing "big" happens as days pass. I don't know, maybe it's because I get used to my normal life and usual happenings/problems that I forget that there's much room for improvement and there's much more to be thankful about... or again, it's just me. 

In a world where some of our dreams are left unrealized (yet) and some of our wants are still not given/provided (yet), it becomes very easy to take everything for granted, right? Then this kind of movie comes and makes us remember for the nth time (1) how lucky we are for having the freedom to create and live a full, happy and worthwhile life (2) how we can comprehend the world and voice out our thoughts especially if we think we're being wronged (3) how we can choose to be the voices of those who can't (4) how we are all capable of loving people selflessly and be selflessly loved as well (5) how everyone deserves another chance no matter how dark his/her past was (6) how in a world of unfairness, you mostly have to fight the battle yourself (7) how there's always a possibility of forming bonds with other people like the kind of bond a family should possess- even stronger (8) how there are a lot of people who enjoy playing the blame game. TSK. (9) how you can choose not to be affected by them (10) how most of us are given the opportunities to act before it's too late. For #10, I am hoping for the best. May we spend the rest of our lives acting and not waiting for (bad) things to occur before we do something about them.

 This movie broke me but then just like the quote I've read before, it's when you're broken that the light comes in. I really have to practice being grateful for all the miracles - big and small - this life has been giving me. I am a forgetful (and lazy) person so I often forget to be thankful. Truly a process of learning, forgetting and re-learning at times. :))

Kudos to everyone who is behind this film. You, guys, made me laugh and "weep" at the same time. I know that's it's more than a year late since it was released March 2013 but still, 축하드립니다.

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