Kogi Bulgogi, Gateway Mall

Oh Korea, you're so fine. You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Hanguk. :)))) Kk!

I know I'm back at it again but you can't blame me since Korea Tourism Organization Manila has been posting Jeju Island package tours and seeing those in my facebook newsfeed brought back the intensity of my "desire to visit Korea" to 110%. 언젠가 진짜 갈거야, 한국. 정말 가고 싶다. 
Like KTO Manila's facebook page too and share my pain of wanting something yet can't have it. Thank you!:)
(but not having it now doesn't mean there's no chance of having it in the future, right? Still hopinggggg and claiminggggg and eventually make it happen...ingggg hahaha)

At this point, I only have time, energy and undying will to go to Korea. So while I still don't have the money, I shall travel through food again so here's another Korean restaurant. :)

 한식도 다 먹고 싶다 

If you're a Korean cuisine newbie, BIBIMBAP means mixed rice.

BIBIM means mixed. 

BIBI DA (비비다) is the verb form meaning to mix and BIBIM is, well, BIBIM. :))
BAP means rice
DOLSOT means stone pot

So from it's name, it's mixed rice served in a stone pot. 
The interior of Kogi Bulgogi
Days ago, KTO Manila also posted that you should use chopsticks to mix the rice so it won't get too sticky.
반찬도 다 좋아해 but the kimchi was waaaay too spicy for me.
I found the taste so-so. Unfortunately for their bibimbap though, my expectation wasn't met. Something's lacking plus the fact that we were rushing to eat everything because we were almost late for Maleficent. Hindi ko talag na-appreciate. The crispy rice the dolsot produces (tutong. haha) wasn't liked by my friends also. They prefer the normal bibimbap more- bibimbap that is usually served in a stainless steel bowl.

 I'll try hoedupbap shall fate bring me back there because that got me curious. Imagine eating bibimbap with raw tuna as the ingredient. Sounds fun, I think.
Just don't mind how this looks but this ramen was that meal's savior. hehehe. We liked this more than our bibimbap orders.

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