Baguio Day 1: Tuvera Pension House, Good Taste, Burnham Park

We arrived in Baguio City at around 12 noon. Upon alighting the bus, there was a waiting shed that had been converted to an information desk for tourists. Someone from there brought us to this transient house in DPS area, Tuvera Pension House.
These were our beds. I slept dun sa pinakataas.
Our room was okay, the sheets and pillow cases were clean, there was a tv and an electric fan and the shower had a heater. For P 300.00 per person per night, you get a basic room for your basic needs - not bad.
Book your Pension House click: here.
These are their contact numbers and address.

If you don't have a big budget for your accommodation, transient houses are for you. The only time that you're staying there is for your bath and sleep anyway so long as the bed's comfortable to sleep in and the shower's heated, this type of lodging will do.
After checking in, we went to Good Taste for lunch. 

Good Taste + Good Serving + Good Price. No wonder this cafe/restaurant is always packed with locals and travelers alike. Sarap nung chicken and lechon chopsuey ata 'yun nila. 
It started raining while we were on our way here from DPS.

What a way to welcome your guests, Baguio. As in sobrang na-feel namin na gusto mo iparamdam lahat ng weather sa 3 days na pags-stay namin sa lugar mo.
When the rain has stopped, we went to Burnham Park.
Renting those pedal swans costs P 150.00 and each has 2-3 persons capacity. There are other types of boats there but I wasn't able to take pictures of the other options while docked.
I had a fear of riding boats when I was younger and proof of that was my picture taken here na umiiyak ako. Ang lala kaya siguro binawi ko sa tawa lahat ng 'yon nung araw na 'to. Hahaha. I had so much fears when I was younger and it's a good thing that I have gotten over most of those. Napunta kasi ako sa "adventure-seeker" side. Uma-adventure seeker! Ayun eh.

The weather was obviously gloomy, medyo umuulan pa nga nyan pero wapakels. Ayoko na ilagay dito 'yung mga kalokohan habang nasa boat kami dahil 1.) baka ma persona non grata ako at ayoko mangyari 'yon. 2.) judger ka at ayokong i-judge mo ako. HAHAHAHA. 

After the boat ride, nag-CR kami sa "Clean Comfort Room," branches of which can be found everywhere in Baguio City since they have monopolized comfort rooms there. HAHAHAHAHA. Pero seryoso, kailangan talaga may clean sa pangalan ng lahat ng comfort rooms. hehehe. Pag kakalabanin natin sila, marami tayong name options na lahat superlative adjectives dapat. Anong laban ng clean sa cleanest na nga, may sparkling pa? hehehehe

At umulan nang umulan nang umulan hanggang sa mag-desisyon kaming bumalik sa Tuvera para magpalit ng damit bago umariba ulit.

To be continued...

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