Baguio Day 3: Veniz Hotel, Mines View Park, Good Shepherd Convent


The picture below was taken at around 6:30 AM from the 6th floor corridor of  Hotel Veniz. 
Our last day for this trip! Huhu.
Since we don't have a view of the outside from our room, I was surprised when I saw how foggy that morning was. Sige na nga, akala ko nung una e ulan 'yan kaya medyo nalungkot ako pero fog naman pala.
These are only some of the options from their breakfast buffet. Eat-all-you-can kung eat-all-you-can, diba. :))
Then we went to Mines View Park for souvenir hunting. You'll find a lot of souvenir shops in the area. Remember that the cheapest pasalubong you can get isn't always the best even if it seem like a bargain. Product quality oftentimes comes with the price.

At first we thought that the park was closed because of the ongoing renovation but a portion from the side was open. Turns out that they are constructing a better flooring so it would be easy to descend the observation deck.
A picture with the famous Saint Bernard of Mines View Park.
Ang lala lang ng P 50.00 isang shot pero dahil turista, patulan na 'yan! 
Ifugao traditional clothing is also available for rent for P 10.00 at dahil nga turista kami, patulan na 'yan din. 
This is the view from the Mines View Park. The reason why this is called Mines View Park is because it overlooks an abandoned mine which I wasn't able to locate. Never mind that, I'm curious as to how this valley would look like a decade or more from now. I saw a picture of this place taken when it's valley was untouched by developers (not a lot of houses) and when there were still a lot of pine tress. Hmm. Punong-puno na kaya 'yan lalo ng bahay several years from today? Looking at the houses now, it seems to me that Baguio has also started to become congested and who knows how congested it is going to be if the government doesn't intervene with the booming construction. Not saying that I'm 100% against the development but when you look at it, there's a huge possibility na darating 'yung point in the future na itong lugar na 'to, hindi na siya Mines View Park kundi Houses View Park. Sustainable development is something that they should focus on especially when Tourism is one of the major sources of income for Baguio City.  
We then walked towards Good Shepherd Convent kasi kabilin-bilinan nung mga taong naiwan namin sa Manila na bumili ng ube jam galing dito. Ganyan maka-pose dahil wala na kong anda ulit. hahaha. Tawa na lang. A jar of ube costs P 160.00 each but then they only sell two bottles for each customer. 

It should be easy to locate this convent when you're in the area and make sure to go here early because a lot of tourists buy their souvenirs here.
Lines. Lines. I love lines. 
I heard that the lines in Good Shepherd becomes insanely long in the afternoon so be sure to arrive here early especially on a weekend. They accept credit card pala. :)

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