Baguio Day 3: Wright Park, The Mansion, Geney's Ramyeon House, Book Cafe Under the Tree

We thought that we were to go home after checking out of our hotel but we extended until the afternoon so we had the time check out other places of interest in Baguio. 
Horses at Wright Park
The long weekend was Saturday to Monday but we were there Friday to Sunday.
Sunday came and it was very very congested in Baguio. It's also noticeable that the traffic near the tourists spots was heavy so it's a good thing that we have gone to Mines View Park earlier that day.

The taxi driver asked us if we were going to the Wright Park Riding Circle or just the Wright Park. Clueless we answered, "Kahit saan po 'yung malapit." Hahaha. So he brought us to the Wright Park Circle where there are a lot of horses you can ride for P 300.00/ hour. Horses can be brought out the park for a fee should you want to. The smell of the place can be a little hard to withstand because it's not just one but a lot of horses that you're dealing with so if you're sensitive to smell, you might want to skip the Riding Circle. Not that it's unbearable but I know some who's really sensitive to smelly places eh. 
We saw this stairs and decided to take climb it to see what's upstairs.
Effortlessly climbed the steep stairs because we're healthy like that.

'Yung may mga kabayo, Wright Park Riding Circle.
'Yung nasa taas, Wright Park. 
Weird Looking Tree
Find this beautiful tree in Wright Park.

There is an elongated body of water which, in my opinion, is unkempt. I looked up Wright Park's history in the internet and found out that place is called "Pool of Pines" and the body of water used to be lined with flowering plants. So sad that there are a lot of unkempt park in the City of Pines. :( I kind of understand that these parks don't require tourists to pay for entrance fees but Baguio has been getting a lot of revenues/taxes from tourists so it makes sense that they maintain the beauty of the parks... 
Wright Park Sign
Across Wright Park is the Mansion.

For Instagrammers, you might want to geotag a photo taken there with the correct spelling as in Wright with a W and not Right Park. I saw "Right Park" as one of the location suggestions. Anyhow...

The Mansion was built in 1945 for the U.S governor-generals and this is currently used by the Philippine presidents whenever they go up Baguio for official visits.

And it started raining once again so we hired a cab to take us to Geney's Ramyeon House instead of Botanical Garden which is also found in the area.

"Kuya, Victory Liner po. 'Yung malapit sa SM." - 'Yan sasabihin niyo pag gusto niyo pumunta sa Geney's. 
We saw this place on our first night in Baguio. Hindi talaga namin tinigilan hangga't hindi namin nakakainan. hahaha. 
Skewered Tteokbokki: P 10.00
Geney A Ramyeon

You'll actually find a lot of Korean Restaurants in Baguio since there a lot of Korean nationals living and studying there. I even saw an unlimited Samgyeopsal restaurant near The Mansion.
Second floor of the Session Building is this cafe called Under the Tree Book Cafe which has a very interesting interior.
Aside from a shelf filled with books which you can read while you're there, there are a lot of post it notes from customers on their wall. My Amnesia Girl lang ang peg? haha.

There I am looking for a post that I can relate with and I found one that said, "Anything worth having is worth waiting for." Haaaay. Lord. Give me the courage and wisdom to know if I must continue to wait. Hahaha.

Looking for a Korean Cafe in Manila? Try SHP Bibimbap and Korean Cafe in Taft Area.
My order was Matcha Latte. Isn't it surprising?

I forgot the price but this is good not because the location is far from home but because it's not too diluted and not too creamy for a matcha latte.

 Aside from the ambiance and the taste, you got to love their affordable price plus their free wi-fi connection.

I walked to the counter and before I even opened my mouth, the guy was like:

"Wi-Fi Password?"
"Ay hindi, pahingi ng number mo. Kailangan ko ng textmate." HAHAHAHA.

Ayan. Should you find yourself in Baguio on a rainy day or even on a clear day when you just want to sit and chat with your friends and/or loved one over a cup of any drink with a slice of cake or cream puff, this is the place to be. Woo. Nakahinga rin. Ang haba ng sentence.

Do you know other cafe places in Baguio? Feel free to tell me so we can visit them too. Dami namin anda pang Baguio eh. :))

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