SHP Bibimbab Korean Cafe and Restaurant

Korean cafes are very common here in the Philippines these days. Aside from the food, the interiors of these Korean restaurants are also something that you'd look forward to. SHP Cafe, same with Cafe Noriter, is in Vito Cruz, Malate, Manila area. The street is P. Ocampo.

(Note: While composing this, I am listening to John Legend songs. HAHA. Why do I love torturing myself? Whyyyy? Concert tickets, please?)

This is their counter where the menu is also found. Ayun, sa taas.
They're strict when it comes to orders. Notice that they even have this "One Order, One Person" Policy. Why? Read on. 
They have regular tables but they also have these "double deck" tables options (Hindi ko alam tawag, second floor tables?).

It seemed to me that this kind of interior is the trademark of Korean cafes. Wooden floors, double deck tables, cute wall paintings and designs are what you'll normally see when you visit one.
Wash area.
 I forgot to look at their restroom.
Korean merchandises are for sale.
The reason why they're very strict with orders is because the place would really lure you to stay longer than the time you need to eat and that's a problem especially during peak hours. In other words, masarap kasi tumambay dito kaya pag maraming taong kakain at occupied lahat ng seats, good luck sakanila. 
Our orders.
Their food are also good. The prices are affordable too considering how huge one serving is.
The matcha shake was mild but I like it's glass container. hehe.
My orders were cheese ramyeon and matcha smoothie.
I forgot the prices but each is definitely under P 200.00 each.
See the bear at the back of the kimbap?
You can also request for a stuffed toy who will accompany you while you're there. hehehehe.
Those fluffy companions add to the reasons why you should visit SHP.
I posted this picture in my Facebook account since the "suicidal bear" and I were so sweet.
I referred to him as a bear 'cause I really thought he was a bear or palusot, teddy bear kasi kaya na-assume na bear and suicidal because unless you support him with your hand, he looks so sad and tired.

Then one of my friend said, "It looks more of beagle, not a dog."

We concluded that the probable reason why he's suicidal is because no one would believe that he's a bear. And the reason why he's smiling in this picture is because our group was the first to realize that he's actually a bear and not a dog. Ipipilit ko talaga na ako 'yung tama. Hahaha. Alam mo naman mga tao, judge lang ng judge ng physical appearance. Bear siya, okay, bear. Say hi to Isaac the bear for me! We believe in you, Isaac the bear! (TFIOS reference)

*The service was good. They were fast, respectful and were very understanding to their customers especially those *ehem* who transformed the entire cafe into a pictorial studio.

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