Army Navy Burger + Burrito... everywhere

It's only recently that I noticed that Army Navy has been expanding or I wasn't just paying attention to A.N until they constructed Visayas Avenue branch. Here in Quezon City, there are already seven (maybe more) branches near our home. I also saw two branches in Tagaytay and three branches in Baguio last month. I am posting this here because I am amazed at how fast I noticed the expansion. Slow forevs. Hahaha.

 My first time eating here was in their Taytay branch (sometime last year) and my second was in SM North, Sky Garden. La lang. Gusto ko lang i-share. Pampahaba ganyan. hahaha. 

Most people go there for burgers but I go there for this.
My favorite item in their menu is this open-faced quesadilla named Querida Mia: Charlie Bravo

I know that it's not anymore surprising but I can eat all the slices on my own. I love how generous they were with the toppings - with the cheese to be exact. It's a different take on the usual quesadilla, di ba? Pero Charlie Bravo, kahit ano pa 'yang identity crisis mo... thin-crust pizza ka pa rin para sa'kin. Hahahahaha. 
Blueberry Freedom Toast for dessert
Just didn't like that the toast was soft - too soft that when I slice, parang nagiging kasing nipis na rin siya ng Charlie Bravo.

I want to eat more toasts like this. Bow.  Not just from Army Navy but from different restaurants. 

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