Palawan Trip 2015 Itinerary and Guide (Puerto Princesa and El Nido)

What to do, where to go, who to contact for your Palawan trip? Ito na. :)

Finally posting this skeletal itinerary after 4 months since this trip. I'm grateful for the four days we spent there even if some of those that had happened weren't the experiences we looked forward to. Sabihin na lang natin na, there's a reason for everything. Huhuhu. 

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Day 1
We spent almost the whole day waiting at the airport because our flight got delayed for more than six hours!

Who to contact:

As much as I wanted to give you the contact detail of our driver in Puerto Princesa, I lost it when my phone got reformatted.

If ever I'll return to Palawan and there's no need for it to be entirely convenient a.k.a a senior citizen-friendly tour, I'll hire a tricycle to tour us around rather than join a group. 

We got a little apprehensive when we read blog posts about getting the tour permit so to secure slots in the Underground River, we bought a tour package for four days. Availing one is fine if you're after convenience/ you don't have time to plan the itinerary of your trip. Sino bang aayaw sa isang bayad lang e okay na lahat ng details, diba?

But for those trying to minimize the cost, you may just book your accommodation and be the one to ask around for a cheaper tour package when you arrive in Palawan. It turned out that our tricycle driver can book us an Underground River Tour for 1.1k per person but the commercial rate of it is 1.5k + per person. Nakaka-kaba lang na wala kang datnan na tours o slots pero unless it's a super kaduper peak weekend/season/whatever, meron choices pag andun ka na. Marami. Maraming mas mura. 

Sa susunod, lalo kung keri e DIY na ako. hehe

Nga pala, even if you can find discounted rates, Palawan is a tourist-friendly place. They don't take advantage of the tourists since almost all rates are standardized. And, they have CCTV's so being on your own even after past midnight feels safe somehow. First time ko rin mag-byahe ng mag-isa ng halos alas tres na ng madaling araw tapos sa ibang lugar pa. hehe. Buti na lang safe at walang kaba kahit wala masyadong tao sa daan. Hihi. Can't wait to experience Davao someday! :)

What to do:

We wanted to cover a lot of places for the four days that we were there. Again it is okay if you're after seeing more places in a limited time but definitely not something that I'll do if I return. Ayoko na ipagsiksikan kasi medyo nawala 'yung quality.

 Kung El Nido. El Nido lang. Kung Puerto Princesa, Puerto Princesa lang. Balik na lang ulit if ever. Or sayang kasi talaga Day 1 dahil na-delay lang kami ng bongga. >.<  Mas okay 'yung kahit 2-3 tours man lang sa El Nido tas maliban sa Underground at Ugong e makapag-Ihawig Firefly Watching, Mangrove at City Tour din ganyan. Andun ka na oh. Pero actually kung walang delayed flight at marami kang budget, kaya 'to ng 5-7 days eh. El Nido saka Puerto Princesa.

Congratulations, Palawan for being the most beautiful island in the world! Kahit four days lang at kahit hindi pa namin nalibot lahat, nakita ko the reasons why you deserve the title for the nth time.

I want to be back someday especially since I'm looking forward to visiting Calamian Islands. Haaaaaaaay. :( As much as I wanted to believe there's more, this is probably my last flyout for 2015. Hahahaha. Or aasa pa rin akong meron?! Hahahahahahaha. Sige na, aasa pa rin. More pls!!!!! :))

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