Wonderful Cave, Bolinao, Pangasinan

From what I have come to know, Bolinao has three caves (Enchanted and Cindy's being the other two) and two falls. I am not sure about this info since I'm cramming a lot of backlogs now and I can't afford to research on this anymore... kaya nagpapaliwanag na lang ako. :)))

The sun's heat in Patar beach was unbearable that we decided to transfer to this cave instead. 

This is the first time I swam in a cave.

We entered in a secret cave in El Nido, Palawan but we weren't able to swim there so technically, this is still my first.

Entrance fee for Wonderful Cave is P 100.00/person. The other cave we went at, the entrance was P 150.00/person. Imagine how shocked we were when we found out what the price is haha but it's still okay to moderate the people coming in.

Similar to a mountain I've been to before in Laguna area, our tour guide then told us that rocks like these prove that this area used to be a part of the sea million years ago. 
They made stairs for convenience.
Wish I could show you clearer pictures from inside the cave.

There was a "room" left side of this picture, we entered just for the sake of it. HAHAHAHA. Pag nakapasok doon, yayaman eh.

Best way to motivate yourself diba. Financial rewards. :))
We were wondering where the source of spring water was then we were told that is was from underneath these rocks.

Ibig sabihin pag naka-cross ka sa lubid e magkaka-jowa ka. HAHAHAHA!
The water was cool, no need to apply sunscreen because the place itself is itim proof.

Good luck naman mangitim ka pa dyan. :))

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