Foot Spa at KitcheNails, Trinoma

Looking for a place to relax in Trinoma? Go to KitcheNails for a rejuvenating and relaxing session of foot spa and hand spa. :)

This time, it was foot spa for me.

For reservations, you may reach them at 625-2804/ 09431296504
There's also an ongoing promo from March 1 to August 31, 2016.
Going there has been one of my non-negotiables. Hehe. I'm always looking forward to visit them during my free time. 
In line with the theme, it's a non-stick pan with place mat for your foot soak. Hehe.
What I had was Fruity Tutty Mania. 
One of the most hygienic place you can find. Pushers, nail cutters and other tools are all sterilized. 
Haaaaaaaaaaaay, <3 Go na. ;)

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