Staycation at Solaire Resorts and Casino, Manila

Unlike EDSA Shangri-la Hotel and Marriott Hotel Staycations, this post will only include pictures from the room. 

Should you find yourself in Aseana City or near Aseana City, I strongly suggest that you check Solaire's casino out. HAHAHAHAHA. #sugarol
Because 2016 is a very blessed year!!!!!

I learned the term ANNUS MIRABILIS today. Timely because 2016 is a miraculous and an amazing year for moi. 
Solaire's Hallway
Bayview Building
Okay naman. 

Just didn't like that we could see those who were checked in at the other building and vice versa. HAHAHA. There is a curtain but sana one way mirror na lang. 
Bed and side tables.
The name is flashed on the screen as a welcome note. Probably the practice of most hotels nowadays.
Glass Shower. Shower in a glass? haha
I liked it a lot that there's a sewing kit here. You know, for emergency purposes.
Bath tub
The way to the door and bathroom.
Pick the other side if your staying here. You can barely see the bay or better yet, go to the pool area during sunset. 
Service teas and coffee.
For remembrance.
Okay so overall, Solaire's a good one especially because of its casino. Hahahaha.
Hello. ;)


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