Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Snorkeling near Macapagal Island

That's me wearing the most uncomfortable life vest of all. 
Our guide immediately pointed to us these giant clams locally known as taclobo. There are a lot of these clams there because it is a sanctuary.

They look different though compared to the ones we saw in Danjugan Island, Negros Occidental. The clearer water of Danjugan is also noticeable link: here.
Those encourage the growth of corals. 
A lot of fishes are in the area.

For me, Hundred Islands' snorkeling site is a lot better than the one in Bacuit Bay, El Nido, Palawan link: here.
More giant clams.
I was hating the "murky" water 'cause I wasn't seeing the corals well, turned out that my goggles were the problem.  
I kept on following these school of fishes.
That I forgot that I didn't put any sunblock at my back.
Hence, my back got sunburned. Haha! I got shocked when I first saw how dark the skin at my back became after snorkeling for around 30 minutes. -_-

Macapagal Island sign.
Looks like a turtle... or a snake... or a snurtle. 

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