Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Governor's Island

Although not as high and water not as clear/blue, these limestones and boat ride somehow reminded me of El Nido, Palawan. 
First stop for the island hopping is Governor's Island for it is where the viewing deck is located.

Kayaking, swimming and zipline can also be done here. 
The trek wasn't steep but the intense sunlight and heat made it a little difficult.
View from the viewing deck.

Ang ganda.

Then we transferred to the other side where the zipline is. I suggest you try it out. I didn't and kind of regretted it after seeing the view. Ang hirap naman din kasi sa baba galing mga harness and all, nakakapagod hahaha. So you have to make up your mind before going up.
Me with my favorite rainbow-colored sarong because makulay ang buhay always. HAHA!

 Anniversary na namin nyan. (buti pa kami)

First used it in Kalanggaman Island, Leyte and I have it with me in all my out-of-town trips since then haha also in my out-of-the-country trip soon. <3
Your view if you're trying the zipline out. 
So, what is life? Let me count the ways. haha. Ano raw?!
Seeing these islands of the National Park was amazebells. Charot pero totoo, amazebells. Ganda ng Pinas!! :)))

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