Hundred Islands National Park 2016: Cathedral. Quezon and Children's Island

As the name suggests, the cave in this island looks like a cathedral and they've also placed an image of Mama Mary there.

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Hundred Islands Pangasinan Day Tour from Manila

I didn't like the beach and the water in this island but bearable. There's a zipline that is shorter than the one found in Governor's Island and there's also a kayak available upon rental. 
The children's island is probably named that way because of its shallow water. Haha. This is only knee deep, was just pretending it wasn't. 
So this is the end of our Hundred Islands Day Tour..

We've visited:

Tourists' Center with Rates
Governor's Island (Viewing Deck & Zipline)
Marcos Island (Cave Cliff Diving)
Macapagal Island (Snorkeling, Banana Boat Ride, Reef Walking, Giant Clams)
Quezon Island
Cathedral Island
Children's Island

We went to another island which has a cave but we didn't go down to look around. 

Overall, visiting Hundred Islands National Park was definitely worth it. Can't believe it took me this long. :)))

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