Beast Fanmeet in Manila 2016

I was a loyal fan of Lee Min Ho since 2009 until last year when the news of him and Suzy broke out.

But I've moved on from that depressing phase last March and aside from Song Joongki, here's another proof. :)))

I have stopped watching anything Korean since October last year but I got curious when my Facebook friends kept on linking this drama entitled, "Splash Splash Love" with Yoon Doo Joon and Kim Seulgi as the lead stars. 

The lead guy caught my attention I ended up watching his two meokbang dramas from TVN and soon learned that he is the leader of a K-pop group, BEAST. 

Destiny played its part in this story and they went here in the Philippines. Purposely blurred the pictures to prevent you from liking him too. HAHAHA

What makes this unique is for the first time in my life, I liked someone with monolids.

Not that it's a big deal but it's worth mentioning. 
Came there only because of Doo Joon. HAHAHA! Mianhae, Oppa!  I don't know any of your songs. 
But I liked how they perform especially Gi Kwang who was very interactive with the fans.
He was always at the other end of the stage! I could count how many times he looked at our side. HUHUBELLS. Nonetheless, still a great night with the Beast and the Beauties.
Should they go on with the concert they've mentioned in their fanmeet, count me in again. <3

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