Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center, Tanay, Rizal (Part 2)

Perfect place for team buildings, family gatherings... and budget conscious/anti-social people like us that is near Manila. Hahaha.

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center Part 1 post; here.
Bakasyunan Resort Website, Amenities and Rates: here.

You have two pool options in Bakasyunan. 

This one which is overlooking the bay, windmills and Talim Island. 

And these two which is more secluded. 

This is their restaurant, bar and billiards area. 

We wanted to swim that morning but it was cold when we headed out the room so we just decided to walk around the team building area to take some pictures. They have all the activities in their website, please refer to that for the rates. 

We stayed there for quite some time that morning 'cause no other people were around. HAHA


Easy na easy mag panggap na strong kahit hindi. Charoooooot! Strong 'to. Mabilis lang bumitaw pero strong. HAHAHA. 

We ate breakfast and decided to eat lunch there as well after checking out because we were thinking of heading to the windmills before going home but it started to rain. K, balik na lang kami, Tanay. 

Other point of interest in Tanay:

Regina Rica 
Pililia Windmills

I don't know but I really love looking at windmills. HAHAHA. As in, life pwede bang mag bahay na rin ako sa Rizal tas windmills 'yung background?? O patayo na lang ako ng sarili kong wind farm?? Luh hahaha

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