Chiang Mai, Thailand: Ang Ka Nature Trail in Doi Inthanon National Park (2/5 Hiking Day)

Upon reading some information about Doi Inthanon National Park, I learned that this is the "Gate to the Himalayan Range" Yep, you've been to a part of the Himalayas if you go there and that's the reason why I was looking forward to hike there. 

Since my trip to Thailand was a solo trip and I don't think I can go to these places on my own, I decided to join a group tour so I was with people of other nationalities during this "Hiking Day" 

Ang Ka Nature Trail is a very easy trail since you'll just be walking around a loop boardwalk where you can observe the cloud forest from. 

It's like a fairy tale setting.

I am not able to climb mountains here in the Philippines these days but huhuhu hindi ko talaga maiwan ang bundok eh! Hinahanap-hanap ko talaga.

Just be careful 'cause some parts can be a bit slippery. This place is always foggy afterall. 

I was walking in my own pace so I was mostly alone during the whole duration of our stay here but a Thai guy walked to me and asked if I wanted to have my picture taken and so I gave him my camera and he took several pictures. haha! 

You'll see information boards like this along the trail and I think that this is a great idea since you can learn a lot more about the place even without a tour guide. 

Thanks, Thai guy!!

I initially thought that he was like the Cambodian guy in Angkor Wat who offered to take photos but then asked for money afterwards; this guy, according to him, goes to this trail every morning as his exercise and just like taking photos for tourists. I met him again that day in the restaurant where we had lunch. 

Constructing this boardwalk is a great step in preserving and protecting the floras that are abundant in the area. It's an activity with low environmental impact even if a lot of tourists go to this place everyday.


2/5 - Ang Ka Luang Nature Trail 
3/5 - Doi Inthanon (Highest Spot in the Whole of Thailand)
4/5 - Twin Royal Pagodas
5/5 - Trek to Mae Klang Luang (Karen Village)

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