Chiang Mai, Thailand: Doi Inthanon Summit (3/5 Hiking Day)

After Ang Ka Nature Trail, we went to the highest place in Thailand. Despite having several hiking trails in this National Park, you can drive all the way up to the summit and the sign is just around 10 minutes of walking from the parking lot.

If you were able to book a similar tour package just like mine, visiting this and Ang Ka Trail is actually a good warm up for a longer and more tiring trek in the afternoon.

We breezed through this area because the rain was getting stronger - of course, I had to take photos as a proof that I have been to the highest spot in Thailand! :)) 

A little bit of walking and you will see this shrine. It is the memorial site of King Inthanon - whose name is where the mountain got its name.

3/5 - Doi Inthanon (Highest Spot in the Whole of Thailand)
4/5 - Twin Royal Pagodas
5/5 - Trek to Mae Klang Luang (Karen Village)

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