Chiang Mai, Thailand: Wachirathan Waterfalls (1/5 Hiking Day)

Wachirathan Waterfalls reminded me of Lake Tahoe's Glen-Alpine Falls because they share some characteristics. 

1. They are both near the parking lot so getting to the waterfalls don't need a "hike"
2. The cascade of water was powerful that it actually felt like I was showering when I went near.
3. It's a segmented waterfall but the overall height is about 80 meters. 

From the parking lot, it looked small but I was surprised how tall and how strong the cascades are when I went near it. 

It is not surprising why it's one of the three main waterfalls in the whole of Doi Inthanon National Park. 

I got used to having a waterproof camera that I forget the one that I am using now shouldn't get wet! haha! But it's impossible not get wet here especially if it's monsoon season because the mists that come from the falls actually feels like taking a shower. :))

Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan, Mindanao is still on my list but I'm grateful having the chance to visit waterfalls of other countries.

There's a short trail so you can follow the flow of the water but be careful in this area because it is very slippery. 

If you're going to this area or anywhere in Doi Inthanon, it's best to use your hiking footwear.

We only stayed here for several minutes since it's a part of a group tour. 

I wanted to go to Doi Inthanon so I decided to avail the group tour offered from my hostel and below are the places in Chiang Mai that I went to that day.

1/5 - Wachirathan Waterfalls
2/5 - Ang Ka Luang Nature Trail 
3/5 - Doi Inthanon (Highest Spot in the Whole of Thailand)
4/5 - Twin Royal Pagodas
5/5 - Trek to Mae Klang Luang (Karen Village)

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