Chiang Mai, Thailand: Trek to the Karen Village, Mae Klang (5/5 Hiking Day)

This is the final post (5/5) of the five part series of my hiking day in Doi Inthanon, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This one is a trek from the higher part of the mountain to the lower part but not all parts of the trail were descent. 

We had a tour guide who explained a lot of stuff in the trail so even if the trail was around 2-3 hours, it was done in a leisurely pacing. No worries even if you're someone who doesn't climb mountains.

As usual, I find descent harder that ascent especially for slippery trails like this with no branches to hold onto. I made it thoughhhh obviously.

 I decided to leave my bag in the van and took with me my rain coat, water bottle and camera.

I appreciate walks like this when there's a flowing river on the side, the smell of the trees, and the sound of the animals... until...

we saw a snake on the trail. hahaha.

I am not afraid of snakes unless it looks like it's bite. yah know. But yea, as long as you're not a threat, for snakes like this, just be quiet and leave them alone.

I haven't been to Banaue Rice Terraces but it's probably like this, noh?

One is much more beautiful in person than in picture and the other one is the mountain background. ANO DAW. Hahaha!

This was the most slippery part of the trail for that afternoon so we were given hiking sticks.

Near the end of the trail.

The village.

The stages of coffee bean processing.

After the hike, we went to this area where we rested and had some hot coffee. I don't like drinking coffee but out of respect, I had one cup that afternoon. Not bad!! :)) Although I haven't had another sip since then.

Our tour guide (lady) and the hike guide (man)

Being with Thai people despite the language barrier turned out to be very comfortable, the most comfortable actually among all the Southeast Asian Country I've visited so far.

[Klook Link] Doi Inthanon National Park Day Tour

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