The Colors of Stobosa, La Trinidad, Benguet

 From the Bell Church, we walked towards this Hillside Homes Artwork more commonly known as the Colors of Stobosa.

StoBoSa being the portmanteau of the sitio names where this artwork is located namely STOnehill, BOtiwtiw and SAdjap in Barangay Balili, La Trinidad.

This place is a part of the Urban Redevelopment Tourism Program and is inspired by the artworks in Brazil called Favela Paintings which is also an urban mural project over the slum houses in Rio de Janeiro. 

Without the bigger space for walkways and tourist sites, this place is also similar to Gamcheon Cultural Village in Busan, South Korea. Only that, Stobosa has no enough space for tourists to walk in. You can only go as far as the bridge if you're taking photos and the waiting area is only along the highway.

 In fact, there's no parking space if ever you're bringing your car in the area 'cause this place is literally along the Halsema highway.

And even if it looks much better in picture and even if it's hard to take pictures in this area, I can still recommend spending a few minutes here especially if you're in the area.

Afterall, it took a lot of planning and hardwork to make this project into fruition. Definitely succeeded into transforming an eyesore into a very "Instagrammable" artwork. 

Ride any Trinidad bound jeep from downtown Baguio (Session Road or Magsaysay Area) Tell the driving you're going here. And even if he forgets, it's impossible to miss this colorful houses along the road.

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