Tanay, Rizal: Treasure Mountain

These are some photos from Treasure Mountain in Tanay, Rizal.

As some of you may know, I love mountain hiking but the lack of companions these days have made it impossible for me to go on one... so I need to be contented with treasure mountain for that mountain breeze fix. lol

We left Quezon City at 4 in the morning so we arrived there before 6. We only had with us a sedan so we left it parked along the street and rode a tricycle to the gate of Treasure Mountain. 

We were hoping for a sea of clouds but we weren't fortunate that morning. 

And so we just took photos...

There are a lot of boulders in the area so you can actually take faux buwis-buhay photos everywhere. haha! This is really the place to be if you wanted to take pictures the way mountain hikers do. 

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful morning with the mountain!!
Regardless of the lack of trek, bundok pa rin naman! haha! Same, same. 

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