Chiang Mai, Thailand: Twin Royal Pagodas (4/5 Hiking Day)

This twin pagodas was built to commemorate the King and Queen's 60th birthday. 
Okay.. so if you Google these pagodas, you'll see pictures taken on a clear day and you will see that this is overlooking a very beautiful and well-maintained garden and they're also located on a mountain. 

So much for wanting to experience a foggy day; the wind was blowing like crazy and the visibility was low. 

That didn't stop me from going up the pagoda though 'cause I wanted to see that was inside each. 

The dark gray pagoda is the King's.

 solace in the middle of confusion. lol

I didn't really understand but I appreciated the intricacies of the wall carving inside the temple.

I was having second thought between wanting to go out the garden and staying inside the pagoda but the curious me decided to go out. Hahaha!

I may have used all my hidden courage wandering in this kind of haze alone in a foreign country. hahaha!

It was covered with fog but the beauty of the garden is still very evident.

When it's in the tour instruction that you should bring a raincoat with you, then at all costs, bring one. 

The purple pagoda is the queen's.

Compared to the other pagoda, the carvings are outside. 

ANONA, 'te gurl? Hahaha!

I would've loved a clear day but visiting this place on a weather like this just made it more memorable. hahaha

Khup kun ka!! :))

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