Japan 2019: How to Claim and Use JR Pass in Fukuoka, Japan

A few weeks from our Fukuoka (Northern Kyushu Trip), we purchased a 3-day Nothern Kyushu JR Pass from Klook. 

We had the vouchers printed and our passports ready which we handed in to the lady at the counter. She asked which date is it going to start and after around 10 minutes we got our Northern Kyushu passes.

One of our biggest expense though the trip which will be much more expensive if we didn't get this JR Kyushu Rail Pass. Definitely a good buy!

This is the "ID" which you're going to show the guard manning the entrance of train. You are to place the paper they'll be giving you inside the clear case.

You'll be allowed to reserve some trips so have your itinerary ready as much as possible - you can always take the non-reserved train cars but I suggest that you reserve trips if you can. 

We didn't know that Yufuin No Mori (the train that goes to Yufuin) is a reserved-only train so we weren't able to ride it from Hakata since it was fullybooked for the next three days. Imagine how shocked we were since it was the first item in our itinerary and we weren't able to get ourselves a train reservation. haha! 

Also, you'll be saving money and time if you know which train you're taking since it's not like a subway where you get one train every 5-10 minutes... some of these trains only have one trip in two hours. There's a timetable you can download anyway so it's easy. Plan ahead so you can utilize the use of this pass - transportation in Japan is very expensive so good thing deals like this exist for travelers.

Instead of Yufuin as the first item in our itinerary, we started from Beppu and when we reached the terminal that afternoon in Yufuin we just reserved our tickets back to Hakata on the spot - good thing the return trip wasn't "sold out"

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