South Korea 2019: Han River Park, Seoul

Mapo Bridge at Night link: here.
First time in Seoul, South Korea Travel Guide link: here. 

행복하게, 여기, 우리

Happy (to be happy), Here, Us

While there is a station called Yeouido, the best station for you if you want to visit the river side is Yeouinaru Station. We were looking for the KBS Building so we explored Yeouido first but it was too big and too cold so we ended up looking for just the park and gave up looking for the building. 

The coldness we felt was intensified as soon as we got nearer the river. This was the time (of winter) when it was single digit in Celsius for + degrees, if I'm explaining it right. The coldest we experienced for this winter was -11 and the hottest was 9. 

Had I known that I'll be able to come to Korea for two consecutive winters, I would have bought myself a proper winter wear last year. HAHAHA! Charot. Tas pag bibili na, ayoko na kasi nanghihinayang ako dahil hindi naman masyado nagagamit! HAHAHAHA.

What I was wearing above: tank top, heat tech, long sleeves, down jacket... stockings and leggings... thick socks and gloves. Definitely not enough for some people but I thank my adipose tissues for helping me feel warm. lol 'Yang down jacket na 'yan, I bought sa ukay when I climbed Mt. Pulag last 2014.  Sulit na sulit, 200.00 ko, besh. 

Namsan Tower

If you watch Kdramas, then that's definitely one of the many places you can recognize. I haven't blogged about my Namsan experiences but here is a link to the post about Kdrama Feels in Naksan in Dongdaemun and Seoul Fortress link: here.

Han River (E-land) Cruise Ship at the back


There are several I Seoul U's scattered in the parks of Seoul but this is the only one that I am able to visit so far.

Tokyo, Rome, London, Sydney, and Paris? Soon?? HAHAHA!

On warmer days, a lot of people visit here to go cycling, picnics etc. The only reason why not a lot of people were out that day 'cause it was tooooooo cold. Di lang talaga halata sa pic kasi underdressed. :))

Took identical pictures for two consecutive winters.. mahaba na buhok ko konti don sa for this year. Di masyado kita 'yung sa last year kasi naka-beanie pala ko. Ahahahaa.  Sana 2020 ulit. :)) 

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