USA: MNL - TPE - LAX Flight with Eva Air Review

For my recent trip to the USA, I flew with Eva Air. I purchased the tickets from the BDO Travel Fair in SM Aura, BGC last January. Even before arriving at the mall, I knew that I wanted to buy plane tickets from them so I didn't even roam around the venue and and I immediately fell in line for Eva as I entered.

My previous trip was with Emirates and although I liked it that I was able to step in the airport of Dubai, those flights (MNL - DXB - LAX) were tiring and draining because of the length. I'd take that DXB layover if I'm going to Europe (UMAASA HAHA) but for USA flights, East Asia layover and/or direct flights from Manila are the best options. 

Our flight from NAIA terminal 1 was around 4 AM and we were at the airport at around 1 AM so I haven't slept. This is my kind of travel time actually 'cause I sleep well in airplanes but for some people who can't, this can be draining for they have to be awake for a long time. 

I was awaken by the smell of food and even if I wasn't in the mood for breakfast, I ate since I didn't wanna spend money at the airport to buy food. 

Taiwan is still visa-free for Filipinos.

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Sunrise above clouds... <3 The reason why I love short haul sunrise flights. I've lost count of the times I've ridden an airplane but thankful more than ever.

This is a Hello Kitty themed waiting area at the airport. There are several themes there that would introduce you to the culture of Taiwan - just that I love the Let's Travel Around The World of this one and hello, it's Hello Kitty!!! <3

One at a time.

Soon... Mt. Fuji

Although I saw it from the airplane en route to LAX. 

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Lounge Service by Plaza Premium Lounge

Three hours layover in TPE was bearable. Enough to roam around the airport and rest before the long haul flight.

TPE - LAX flight

There weren't a lot of inflight movies unlike Emirates but not bad since I was asleep almost the entire time. I was able to watch some like Crazy Rich Asians but during the return flight, I saw the movie of Kyungsoo's Swing Kids and Park Seo Joon's Youn's Kitchen. Guess what? I was awake more than I was asleep. :)))

Didn't ran out of snacks all throughout the flight. 

Food was great. It was like an eat-all-you-can buffet up there. hahaha! But mainly because I'm more used to dishes compare to that of Emirates which were more of Middle Eastern Cuisine. 

Bintana pa lang kinikilig na 'ko na makita Mt. Fuji, paano pa kaya next year. hahaha. 

I should've known that the flight is the start of a month-long food trip in the USA. HAHAHA!

Even if it has already been three months since this flight, I still can't believe that I was able to return to the USA in just three years. 

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I'm back Hollywood!!!! 

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. - Leonardo da Vinci

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