Seoul, South Korea: World Cup Park

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The World Cup Park area has five different (contiguous) parks namely Pyounghwa Park, Haneul Park, Noeul Park, Nanjicheon Park, and Nanji Hangang Park. I will be posting both Haneul and Nanjicheon Park for this entry.

As you exit the subway station, this is what you're going to see. 

Take the escalator and you'd be able to get to the stadium although I think I climbed all the way up using the stairs because I was taking photos. 

To be honest, I didn't know that the area is going to be this huge. Back then, I didn't even know that this place has other parks 'cause I was just looking for Haneul Park which is, I think, the most famous of all the parks in the area mainly because of the Eulalia grass.

Eulalia and Pink Muhly of Busan, South Korea link: here.

And since I just walk without asking people, I walked and walked and walked on this area only to find out later on that Haneul Park is on the other side of the street and the only way that I'd be able to reach it is to hike down and cross the street. HAHAHA! I was getting nowhere walking on this ridge but then I was too stubborn to ask. 

Nami Island was in my itinerary but I couldn't pass up the chance of taking a photo in area. Mukha akong matangkad sa suot ko dito eh. HAHAHA!

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Haneul Park, South Korea

You can walk but Haneul Park is elevated so it's an ascent actually but there's an easier way to get to this area and that is to ride the park shuttle from the entrance, I just forgot how much the round trip ticket was.

Haneul Park, South Korea

The time that I visited here was the end of Winter transitioning to Spring. They were preparing the field for another set of Eulalia grass so the dried grasses were all cut down that time. Anyway, it was fine 'cause without "something to see," there weren't a lot of people in the area. It felt private.

Haneul Park, South Korea
The smell of new places. <3

Overlooking the Han River and Nanji Hangang Park. 

Han River Park link: here. 

Haneul Park, South Korea
 This, by the way, was the main reason why I fell inlove with the parks in South Korea.

Libre na nga, ang ganda ganda pa! Lakas ng feeling bakasyon. I've toured around Seoul for two consecutive winters and since the weather is too cold - it's understandable that not a lot locals travel around as well. Kaya ayon, quiet time most of the time whenever I go to the parks.

Maipilit lang 'yung damuhan. HAHAHA! E kasi, 'yan naman talaga 'yung ipinunta ko rito. :)))

Ajusshi was outside the gate waiting and I rode the shuttle but then upon seeing what seemed like a frozen body of water, I asked him to stop the shuttle and I'd just walk back 'cause I want to see this place first. HAHAHA. Alam mo naman ang mga nakatira sa tropical country, sabik sa snow!! :)) 

I believe this place has been a shooting location for a Korean drama 'cause it looked very familiar to me. I think this is a part of the Nanjicheon Park and this body of water isn't a lake but a frozen stream. 

Winter travel? Achieved! <3

If ever you find yourself in this place, it's better to a lot at least half a day if you want to visit all the parks and so you'd be able to enjoy the feeling of peace and quiet here. There should be signs and guide maps anywhere so you won't get lost even if you decide to travel here on your own. 

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