Singapore: A Night at Marina Bay Sands and Helix Bridge Area

 After  walking around Gardens by the Bay, we headed to Marina Bay Sands Area. 

Gardens by the Bay link: here.

Marina Bay Sands Afternoon link: here.
Marina Bay Sands Morning link: here.

Two links above are from my posts back in 2014 during my first time going to Singapore. Style of travelling and blogging were different then so... :))

I've always wanted to see this oculus and I'm glad it's working this time. We roamed around the mall before going out to see the night lights. 

This mall has a lot of high-ends shops/ boutiques and there's also a food court if I'm not mistaken. 

Helix Bridge and Ferris Wheel

 This is a nice place to walk and jog and looking back at the two times that I've been to SG, this is probably my favorite my place there... but yeah, I haven't explored the entire country yet 'cause I just went back to the places that I've already been to when I returned there.

Although it looks small, going to the other side (Merlion Area) is actually a long walk so we decided to just visit the Merlion on another day when we alight at a train station near it.  Anyway, what I like about this area are the night lights from the building. 

At one side you'll see the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and on the other, you'd see several high-rises as well. There's a Singapore river cruise you can avail while on this area and there's also a fountain show at night. 

River cruise tickets link: Singapore River Cruise


I recently realized that we have a similar view here in Manila when you're in Harbor Square Plaza. Pwede na. Not bad.

Something like this in Busan, South Korea?

You can go to the Bay 101 at night. 

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Tickets? 

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