Bioré Covering Base UV SPF 50 PA++++ Review

I haven't been reviewing products but since I learned that the other two variants which is the Oil Control UV Covering Base and Bright Up UV Covering Base were released here in the Philippines recently, I decided to post this here.

I was looking for my Biore BB Cream that I've been using since 2016 but I think, they phased it out now. I was using a different BB cream from the Faceshop which I got on sale last February but now that I need to restock, I wanted to go back to Biore but as I've mentioned, I couldn't find it anywhere here in PH.  

When I went to Hong Kong, I searched the stores (Watson's, Sassa, Bonjour etc.) for the BB cream but I could only find this which was priced at around 140 HKD but was discounted at 97 HKD that time. I tried the testers and decided that this should be the closest thing to the BB cream and so I got one. 

I don't have a lot of blemishes these days which is very fortunate since I tend to have hormonal acne on my chin once in a while. Above is a photo taken after I applied my serum. 

I honestly don't remember how the Oil Control was when I tried it but for the Bright up, it was light and bright. You know, probably perfect for those with fair skin who wants a sheer coverage and a non-sticky sunscreen. Ang puti niya talaga tignan.

Covering Base has a sheer coverage upon application although it looks beige in the container. Another thing that I liked about this is that there's no glitters since that was the only concern I had with the 3D BB cream. As for the coverage though, this is not something that would conceal your blemishes. After all, it's marketed as a base only anyway. 

What I noticed is that it "blurred" the big pores on my cheek and kinda evened out the color of my face. It's not too white and it's easy to apply. However, I noticed that compared to my BB cream, I need a little bit more of this when putting on my face and neck. The 30 grams won't definitely not last as long as the BB cream and it's not even sold here in the Philippines so restocking would be a problem. I wonder why Biore decided not to bring this variant here with the other two...

But so far so good, I prefer the SPF protection and the blurring of my pores more than the coverage these days anyway so it's a good buy. Plus, it doesn't feel sticky on the face especially during hot and humid days.

I applied my cheek tint:  Skin Genie's Lip and Cheek Stain Alive in Creamy Peach which I've been using since 2017. The one that I'm using now is a different tube though since I lost the one which I made a review of. 

And then put on my Luna Organics Mousse Blush in Tootsie for my lips and Skin Food Powder on my face. I bought two 15 grams powder of the Skinfood Peach Cotton Finish powder and it's been almost six months and I haven't finished one container.

Above photo was taken on a white LED light setting.

The powder appears too white upon application but settles to translucent some minutes after. Above is a picture taken on a natural sunlight setting.

PS. I was obsessing over minimizing my pores these past months so I bought several products which promise smaller pores and used them religiously at night. I noticed that my skin was only getting worse whenever I have the "proper" skincare routine but then whenever I'm travelling and I only put on two-three products at night, my skin clears up. HAHAHHA. And so, I decided to stick with the two-three products a night and the result were as expected. Let go na si napakahabang skincare routine... at ang pagpapaliit ng pores... tinanggap ko na. haaay. at least nakatipid ako, diba.

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  1. I've been looking for the 3D BB cream for so long as well. I really hope it hasn't been phased out yet. 😔

    1. True. :( Hirap humanap ng kapalit. Okay pa naman yung 3D at sulit for its price. Sana ibalik!