Seoul, South Korea: Namsan Tower (bus from Myeongdong)

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Kdrama Winter Night at Seonggwak Park and Seoul Fortress link: here.
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There are a lot of ways to get to the Namsan Tower. Four of your options if you're coming from Myeongdong are: cab, bus, cable car, and hike. 

For this post, I've included my first and second visit to Namsan. For the first time, my chosen mode of transportation was the bus 'cause it's the cheapest one and for my second time, bus then hike down to Myeongdong.

This is it for my first time in Namsan.

I only stayed near the bus station and then left 'cause I didn't have enough time since my flight back to the Philippines was on that evening as well. 

For my second time, I had the entire night to explore Namsan area and Myeongdong. 

It's a bit of a walk if you're coming from the stop so if you don't want to walk, then you'll be better of riding the cable car since the upper station is just across the entrance of the tower. 

It was a freezing night but this lady who grew up in a tropical country doesn't own decent winter clothes. HAHAHA! 

The best time to go here is minutes before the sunset so you'd be able to see Seoul in two ways. 

There's a viewing area in the tower and I heard the view from the restroom is good as well (since it's wall is made of glass) but I didn't want to pay for the entrance so we just walked around. 

Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park link: here.

Another thing to take into consideration when visiting this place at night is before of this lanterns. 

PSHHHHH. Together pa ba lahat 'yan?! AHAHAHA! 

You can walk around at a big part of Namsan Tower and you don't have to pay for any - sa mga ganon lang tayo. HAHAHA!

This is an advertisement for LG but it's like an attraction in itself. 

This is also an advertisment so the 3D glass is free of use. Kinda cool though. 

Love life alone sa  bridge of life! HAHAHA!

... pero hindi ko nga naman kasi kailangan ng kasama kung kaya ko naman baliin nang mag-isa 'yong upuan.

Daming picture spots in Namsan. No wonder it's a favorite spot for Seoul travelers.

Prices for the Seoul Tower Observation Deck.

Prices for the Seoul Tower Observation Deck. 

We took our time and decided to just walk down to Myeongdong Area and it was a beautiful hike. If you easily get tired, ride the bus going there 'cause it's always easier to descent. 

Lakas talaga maka-Kdrama ng mga pader na 'to eh. 

Seoul Fortress and Seonggwak Park link: here.

Another viewing area of Seoul. 

It's easy and not scary since the walkway is well-paved and there's enough light everywhere.

We found Kim Sam Soon stairs by accident. HAHA!

What I love about walking in Korea is even if you feel that you're walking aimlessly, you'll get somewhere. Well, okay, that would apply naman with any destination but the only difference is since I've watched a lot of Kdrama then there are a lot of familiar and interesting places to me even if they're not famous as a tourist spot per se. 

That is the cable car. First saw that in Boys Over Flowers 10 years ago!!! 10 years!!!!!!!

Always with Lee Min Ho link: here.

Lee Min Ho was still serving in the army when we went here and we saw him five times. I've gotten over him (Park Seo Joon is my current eye candy btw) but it's still kilig that I just watch him from the television and he was right in front of me for several times during this entire winter trip. 

There are a lot of signs so you won't get lost. At the end of you're walk, most likely you'll end up in Myeongdong. 

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