Busan, South Korea: Gwangan Daegyo/ Gwangan Bridge

If at one point in your Busan Tour, you decided to beach hop then may I suggest that you head to...

Songdo Beach - this is where you can do a lot of stuff such as cable car and skywalk
Dadaepo Beach - this is the farthest but has a good sunset view
Gwangalli Beach - this is the beach on this post, on the horizon from that beach is Gwangandaegyo.
Haeundae Beach - if you just want to spend the night listening to the waves

I've actually plotted the beaches in Busan and you can view the map here:


Above is a picture of Gwangan bridge from the entrance/exit of Igidae Coastal Walk. If you want a picture where the bridge is as close as possible then this is the place you have to look for. 

According to my research, it is the second longest bridge in South Korea connecting Suyeong-gu and my beloved, Haeundae-gu.  MY BELOVED TALAGA HAHAHA

As you may or may not know, my Busan trip was a solo trip and I only met my friends from the hostel where I stayed at. That's the reason why for some days, especially the first few days, I was alone when touring the area. 

This was one of the places that I saw while looking for the must-visits in Busan but it looked far to me during the first few days since I was living in Haeundae and the only time that I got a glimpse of it was when I was in Moontan Road. 

These are just some night photos since I didn't do anything there aside from watching the light show at the bridge.

 Although it's not as captivating in the picture, there's a reason why this is considered an icon in Busan. Ang ganda niya tignan lalo na kapag sa gabi. 

It's only now did I realize that I wasn't able to go there at daytime.

BELOW ARE THE PHOTOS OF THE BRIDGE TAKEN AT DIFFERENT LOCATIONS IN BUSAN: 'Cause I can proudly say that in my one month stay there, I've been to a lot. Much more than I expected and hoped for, tbh. 

Above is taken from Shinsegae Mall.

If forgot which part but it's from one of the walkways there. 

Zoomed in bridge from Moontan Road. 

The picture above and the four pictures below are taken along Igidae Coastal Walk.

Above picture shows you most of Haeundae


Dalmaji Gil/Moon Tan Road, Haeundae Beach, Dongbaekseom, Marine City, Jangsan Mountain

I've walked through all of the places above though I haven't completed my Busan trip posts at the moment. 

Above is taken from Jangsan Mountain, yep that mountain from the other pictures (in Igidae).

See. If the photos aren't enough to show how much of Busan was I able to explore then I don't know what will.

Places to visit in Busan, South Korea link: here.

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