Pet-Friendly PH: Tagalag Fishing Village, Valenzuela City

This post will include photos from Tagalag Mini Park and Kamayan sa Palapat, Valenzuela City

We wanted to eat here at Tata Celo but they were closed that day so we looked for another restaurant.

There are ample parking spaces provided by the bigger restaurants but I don't know if there are other parking spaces in the area if you want to park and walk along the stretch of the fishing village. The road is narrow and there are a lot of establishments such as houses and stores beside it.

The perfect mode of transportation going here should be via motorcyle or bicycle - probably the reason why this is more frequented by motorcycle enthusiasts like what I've observed in Facebook posts. 

Kamayan sa Palapat is a pet-friendly restaurant. There were other fur-babies dining that afternoon as well. 

They have delicious and budget-friendly food. I wasn't actively blogging when we visited this place so I have no photos of the food we ate.

There is a fish pond at the back of the "kubo" in the above picture. I've forgotten the price but you rent it for a certain consumable amount should you want to stay in those "private areas"

Feeling Spring with this artificial Sakura tree. 

After eating, we walked to Tagalag Mini Park which is near Kamayan sa Palapat. It would have been better to spend longer time here but we couldn't since we just left our car in the restaurant's parking area and it was almost dinner rush. 

There is a place here where you can fish and pay your catch per kilo. We have been meaning to go back and try that out but never had the chance until now. 

This is in Valenzuela - around 40 minutes from home if travelling via NLEX and without traffic but it looks like we travelled far.

L as in Lua
L as in Lakwatsera 


This is a public park so there's no entrance fee. 

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