Cebu Philippines: Sirao Garden, Little Amsterdam

This is one of the two places that we intended to visit during our Three-Hour Cebu Tour. 'Yung totoo, parang na-traffic lang sa EDSA. 😂

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These are just some photos of the place.

There aren't a lot of information needed before going. Probably just the basic reminder like wear comfortable clothes and footwear since there are a lot of steps in going around the entire place.

Entrance Fee: P 70.00/person

This was our first flyout since 2020 and we were kinda feeling lost at first because it felt awkward taking photos and posing for lotsa photos again. It got better though the during the next days of our tour or so I'd like to think that it did. 

I love visiting flower gardens such as this. I still haven't been to that one in Benguet but this one's beautiful too. Just that we were here at around 10 AM so it was hot.

Going up and down the slopes and photo spots may become exhausting and difficult for some people, just need to take your time and not rush the whole experience.

Loving the mountain range background in this photo. 

Showing my CGM hair.
It wasn't the best hair day but not too bad, right? 

We didn't have enough time and we only stayed for less than an hour. Allot more time to be able to take better photos these. haha!There are long queues in some photo spots. 

It has become a very beautiful place with all the landscaping and flowers everywhere. I was having second thoughts at first since I've been here before but I'm glad I went back. 

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Hello, Tintin 2017.

Everything, in time. 💖

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