Tokyo, Japan: Claiming Unlimited Subway Ride Tickets in Shibuya (via Klook)

Our first day itinerary were the places in Shibuya because we had to get the train passes we booked via Klook. While the unlimited subway passes can be claimed in most subway stations with QR code machines, the Tokyu 1-Day Pass can only be claimed here in Wander Compass. 

Klook Link: Purchase Unlimited Subway Rides in Tokyo here.
This can be used at subway lines in Tokyo. Take note that this isn't accepted in JR lines. 

Klook Link: Purchase Tokyu Line 1-Day Pass here
This can be used going to Yokohama. It's cheaper than availing a per way ticket plus we were able to visit Gotokuji Temple on the same day since Setagaya Line is a part of this pass.

Japan Travel Sim? Purchase yours here.

Wander Compass Location: B1F concourse under Shibuya Station

After Hachiko Statue, Shibuya Crossing, and having breakfast, we looked for a toilet to freshen up. Fortunately, Wander Compass was across the toilet we found. 

 We were there a few minutes before 10 AM and there were already some people waiting for it to open.

For those booking this to go to Yokohama early in the morning, it will be better to get your pass a day before your Yokohama trip 'cause they open at 10 AM. If you're fine starting after 10 AM then you can get it on the same day 'cause the train line going to Yokohama starts in Shibuya Station anyway. 

Wander Compass is a tourist information center. They provide a lot of services as well such as guided tours and luggage storage.

It was easy talking to them and we were able to ask some questions as well. They provided instructions regarding the Tokyu Pass and also taught us where to claim the Unlimited Subway Ticket Pass.

We got Tokyu Pass because we wanted to save on transportation going to Setagaya and Yokohama.  

Following what they taught us in Wander Compass, we arrived at the machine dispensing the unlimited subway pass which we also availed from Klook. 

A lot of tourists use Suica or Pasmo cards when traveling around Tokyo but we chose to avail this instead 'cause our itinerary was packed and we had to transfer lines and ride trains for a lot of times. Once you've prepared your itinerary, check if you're using the subway lines or JR lines in travelling around so you'd know if it'd be wiser to avail this instead of buying Suica. 

Since we rode the train several times, we were definitely able to save money in buying this unlimited pass than paying for each ride. It was a little bit confusing at first though 'cause Google Maps show JR lines as well whenever we search but we got used to it eventually. Our hotel was also close to a subway station so this was really convenient. 

We availed two passes for our trip:

72 hours (3 days)
48  hours (2 days)

You can claim the tickets at once and it will only start the count when you've used it at the train's ticket reader/scanner. The time of expiry will be automatically stamped at the back of the ticket for your guidance. 

It was easy to claim the tickets at the machine. You only have to scan the QR code provided by Klook. I think the only confusing thing when availing this pass is trying to locate the machine that accepts QR code because Shibuya Station is a large maze. haha. 

Klook Link: Purchase Shibuya Sky Ticket with 1 Day Unlimited Subway Pass here.

Thank you, Universe for giving us the chance to heal our 2020 heartbreak! Tokyo trip finally came true after three years and three months of waiting. 💖

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