Bulacan: Violeta Village (For plantita, plantito, and plantuta)

A heaven for plant lover that won't definitely break the bank.

This post may be a little bit late 'cause there were probably a lot more plantita/plantito looking for plant suppliers/sellers during the pandemic compared to present but I wasn't actively blogging back then so I'm only posting this now. 

If you're looking for affordable plants, garden soil, rocks, or any thing that's related to gardening or landscaping then you might want to check Violeta Village in Guiginto, Bulacan. Just type Violeta Village in your Google Map or Waze App and this is very easy to locate. 

Hindi ako sigurado sa lahat ng meron doon pero marami at tabi-tabi naman ang tindahan kaya sigurado merong para sa'yo. 

Isa lang 'to sa mga napuntahan namin at madalas balikan. Hindi ko nakuha kung anong pangalan ng tindahan nila pero marami silang roses. Maraming beses na rin kami nakapunta rito pero hindi ko na makita kung nasaan 'yung ibang pictures kaya ito 'yung pinakahuli naming punta. 

Plant lovers heaven, isn't it?

Just have to bring lots of patience especially on your first time 'cause going around the stores takes time and is a bit tiring. Buong village ba naman e tindahan.


We don't buy this though but this is one of my favorite plants to see there.

South Korea: Taejongdae (태종대)Resort Park, Busan

Wala naman ako masyadong sasabihin tungkol sa lugar na 'to. Ni-upload ko lang for reference kung sakaling may naghahanap ng mga murang halaman o naghahanap ng tungkol sa Violeta Village.

We buy this frequently though. The last time we went there, it was P 70.00/plant for these Philippine roses. 

I am not greenthumbed nor I am able to keep a plant alive so we often go there to buy some roses.... for me to kill eventually. HAHAHA. But yeah, there's this one plant that we bought there way back 2020 and it's still alive up to this day. 

I can't keep a plant alive but I enjoy looking at gardens filled with flowers so I'm always delighted to visit this place even if we don't purchase a lot. 

Flower Farms and Fields I've visited link: here. 

By the way, this place is also pet-friendly. 

She has a reel taken from this place but I am not able to embed it here.  

Lua in Violeta Village

Everything, in time. 💖


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