Churches for Visita Iglesia in Laguna (with Map)

Here are the churches we visited for last year's Visita Iglesia hehe posting this now because Lent 2016 has started. I'll be linking at the end of this post our other Visita Iglesias or just click the church tag in sidebar for all the churches that I've posted about.  

We were only able to visit 4/7 but I'm giving you the complete list. 
The churches are located on the areas where the stars are just to give you an idea but I have also embedded an interactive google map below.

For the churches, what we visited are part of the Laguna Loop or those found near/surrounding Laguna Bay. The churches are all decade old churches (built during the Spanish Colonization Era) so history-wise they're very interesting to visit as well. Even if there are a lot of stories these churches have, I won't mention their history because my goal is to just identify churches that are part of the loop. 
St. John the Baptist Church
Calamba, Laguna

When we got there, it was only the time did I realize that we've already attended a mass there after swimming at a hotspring in Pansol, Laguna.
St. Agustine Church/ Simbahan ng Bay
Bay, Laguna
Interior of Simbahan ng Bay

After this, we were supposed to go to St. Anthony de Padua / Church of Pila but ironically we lost our way when we were about the visit the patron saint of those who have lost things.

We found a church on the way but it isn't a part of the Laguna Loop so I am not posting it here.
So went to Pagsanjan which turned out to be our last stop for that day because of the heavy traffic in the area. One national government official and one local government official (not naming names but may God bless their souls and their heartfelt desire to serve us Filipinos!) were there that time so they had a lot of escorts and guards that made the already crowded area more congested.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Pagsanjan, Laguna
Do you also believe that lighting up candles of different colors (based on what you're praying for) is more effective than just lighting a white candle?
Altar of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

Here's an interactive google map for your convenience because I'm feeling extra helpful today. Charot. :))) I'll try to embed maps in my travel posts from now on.

I've plotted the locations of all the seven churches.

You may click on the letters to know the names and details of the churches.

The URL of this map link: here.

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